Spells to Attract Positive Energies

Many of us in life become stressed and tired and feel the nagging negative energies surrounding us everywhere we go. The longer it goes on the stronger it becomes causing us to fall into depression and despair. For years and years, spells have been an old rumor remedy for this complex in the form of spells to attract positive energies. When you attract positive energies, your entire life changes; from your personal outlook to a friend’s insight into your life everything changes for the better creating a better mind, body, and soul. More people will connect with you and attach themselves within your personal aura. A spell to attract positive energies can improve everything in your present and future.

Though some are a bit wary of using a spell to improve life energy, it is quite safe and with the right assistance can be quite successful. A spell to attract positive energies generally removes the negative mist from your spiritual self to attract positive emotions and energies in your direction. You will find that more things are going your way and you are not sweating the things that don’t really matter anymore. You will also find that more people surround you and actually enjoy your company.

This type of spell is generally categorized as a white magic spell and can bring all these elements and many more into your life:

•            Positive thoughts

•            Passion for life

•            High self-confidence

•            Positive self image

•            Positive outlook on various situations

•            Luck and prosperity

Although spells to attract positive energies don’t bring luck and fortune directly, through your positive attitude you will find that you are more apt for success. You will finally be landing the jobs you applied for or getting the bonuses and raise you deserve. You will also find that those around you appreciate you a bit more.



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8 Responses to Spells to Attract Positive Energies

  1. Henry says:

    Hi, very well written

  2. Mo says:

    All magic love spells connect with people and attach themselves within your personal aura.

  3. Sheila says:

    I use a spell from your free spell. I use the white magic spell to return the ex to me. I did all that I was suppose to do, which I did a ritural for 7 days and let the candle burn out on the last day of the ritual. I would like to know how long with I see a change and my ex returning to me. The candles burnt out on January 11, 2012. I want him back so much. Can you tell me how long will it be before he feels he wants me back as much as I want him?

  4. Qiana says:

    I have a question about your spells. Can you do more than one at a time. Ie break up and lost lover? And when you say do the same for 13 days do you mean the entire spell or just the candel buring? what size candel should be used?

  5. sara abraham says:

    Dear Evelyn Thank you so much for your site it is Great.
    I would like to ask you one question
    why using chicken wings in black magic spells, and how efective is black magic spells to bring back an old boyfriend?

    Thank you

  6. manushak says:

    Evelyn whta is your correct e mail address, so we can ask you for an advise.

    Please help!

  7. heather spielman says:

    Hi I had a question on a love spell im doing today..Is the organic chicken wing cooked or raw??and how large should the parchment paper be?? also how long till we see results..was planning on the spell this afternoon thankyou so much heather.

  8. Rhonda says:

    Need help met a guy 3yrs ago some how we lost contact but we end up meeting again three yrs later same day same month same place we bn seeinng each other for 7mths all of a sudden he has just stop calling something is blocking uour destiny to be togethet

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