Black Magic Spell to Make Someone Love You


Things You'll need for the Spell:

1 organic chicken wing

1 pink candle

1 sterile needle

3 drops of your blood

Yarn or Thread

Matches (made out of wood)

1 large sheet of parchment paper


How to Cast the Spell:

  1. Light the pink candle with a wooden match (not a lighter)

  2. Use the organic chicken wing to draw your lovers name on the parchment paper. You won't see the name, which is fine.

  3. On Top of the name draw your name.

  4. Use the candle and drop 7 drops of wax on the paper

  5. Use the sterile needle to get 3 drops of blood from one of your fingers and drop it on the paper

  6. While you are dropping the wax and the blood focus on your wish for your lover to fall deeply in love with you. Try to build up as much energy as you can.

  7. Blow off the candle and say: "Gekali Bekuta Bestima Sto Sto Beg."

  8. Wrap the chicken wing in the paper and use the yarn or threat to pack it into a little package. That same day bury it.

  9. Light the remaining candle on the following full moon until it has burned itself out.