Welcome to the World of Magic Love Spells

Welcome to the World of Magic Love Spells

There are various forces that work in this world that are invisible to the human eye.  Magic and love are some of these.  While both are powerful forces, it is love that does prove to be elusive.  Magic, on the other hand, when performed correctly, is a fairly controllable energy.  Many people seek to find love and some turn to magic to obtain true love.  With the use of any kind of magic like Wicca, Voodoo, Obeah, Black Magic, Egyptian Witchcraft, love spells can be cast.

A spell is fundamentally an act of bringing concentration and focus using the energies of the things and creatures along with your own energies into incantations and rituals to achieve positive goals.  Spells involve rhymes and words put into writing, speech or actions.  The tools of magic are basically what are all around like the warmth of the sun, the cooling powers of water, the raging powers of a river, the playful force of scattered winds.  With intense meditation, you can bring thoughts and wishes to life.  One of these noble wishes is to bring about happiness into your life by granting love.  Since the power can be obtained from anything in nature, our free love spells are easy to cast.

What We Offer on our Website

How Our Magic Spells can be Used

Free love spells can be used for any love situation that you may have.  It can attract a new love or gain the attention of someone special.  A spell can help put fidelity into a relationship.  It can have a lost love be drawn back to you.  Commitment can also be assured by casting a love spell.  They can also be used to strengthen the relationship a couple has.  Powerful spells are readily available on our website and are safe to use, even if you have little knowledge of the spiritual realm.

Our Love Spells for You to Cast

The most important ritual is to open yourself for love.  This is essentially part of a spiritual cleansing and it need to focus on possible blocks to love you may have.  When the negative belief or block to love is identified, a concentration on those thoughts and removing them with a cleansing ritual will already do the trick.

Reinforced by this positivity, a love spell will do wonders for your relationship. Some tools are essential in the casting of our free spells.  These are incense, music, candles, flowers (most of the time, they are roses), herbs and in the most intense of spells, amulets, talismans or perfume.  They need to be well timed too.  The day and even the phases of the moon do lend their energy to the love spell. All of this is explained in detail on our website. Please take the time to familiarize yourself with everything.

Once your aura is clean and surrounded by positivity, a clear picture of the love that is desired is focused on.  Friday is the best day for love spells in particular.  Dawn is a good time but for a love spell to have its maximum effect, cast the spell on the night of a full moon.  Incense of rose or apple scents, the color pink and flowers like roses reinforces the message of the spell into the thoughts and subconscious of the target.  Chanting a simple yet personal rhyme related to the love that is desired sends the wish off into the universe.

While casting our spells always see a clear picture of the spell working and delivering the results. Positive thinking is imperative for the spells to work.

Different Types of Magic to Choose from

Witchcraft is a form of magic practiced for centuries. It is fundamentally similar to voodoo, each having its origin in spirituality which is the main motivation. Contrary to popular belief, witchcraft and voodoo are actually meant to help people solve problems that plague them in their daily lives. Witchcraft is primarily a European tradition while voodoo has its roots in African traditions. Practitioners of both forms of magic were persecuted in ancient times, believing the rituals to be satanic. Despite these setbacks, both forms have survived in the modern world. The most common magical practice of both witchcraft and voodoo is spell casting. When choosing between the two it is essential to put your spiritual preferences first, listen to your heart, and then choose a form of magic.

The Types of Love Magic

Santeria is another derivative of witchcraft practiced in the Caribbean Islands. In contrast to normal witchcraft, Santeria involves the sacrificing of animals in some cases. While witchcraft makes use of talisman, charms, tarot cards, Ouija boards, crystal balls, and gemstones, Santeria is more about invoking gods which include Obatala – God of the Crossroads, Ogoun Ferei – God of Power and War, and Ogoun Paname – God of Sex and Childbirth, among others. Santeria is believed to be a combination of African paganism and 17th century Roman Catholicism. It believes in certain rituals to be performed to influence supernatural powers. Like in Black Magic, Chickens were the common animals sacrificed, where the blood collected is offered to the Orisha, the Santerian version of god. This offering is believed to please the saints and bring good luck and forgiveness of sins. Modern witchcraft practiced by wiccans is based more on releasing positive energy without any intention to harm anyone.

The ancient Egyptian civilization was also known to practice magic for centuries. Egyptian witchcraft involved rhythmic incantations to invoke cosmic spirits. Love spells were chanted by witches to ward off evil spirits, and even illnesses. Many sought Egyptian witchcraft as an option to cure ailments. The Egyptian Book of the Dead, the Coffin texts, and Pyramid texts, are said to contain many ancient magic spells.

Obeah is another form of magic that is often misunderstood as black magic. This traditional form of witchcraft has many helpful spells like modern day witchcraft. Obeah is a West Indian religion and form of magic that derives much of its practices from African religions including voodoo and Santeria. Some of the main areas Obeah is practiced is Jamaica, Barbados, Trinidad and Tobago, Guyana, and Suriname.

The bottom line is not to be afraid of any type of magic and not feel guilty of using it for constructive and positive purposes. When you require any type of spell to be cast, examine the reasons behind your needs and use a form of magic without any evil intentions. The world of witchcraft spells can be fascinating and enchanting when used for the right purposes. Wiccans are strictly forbidden to use spells to harm anyone, which is one of the reassuring factors for many.

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