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Spell Timing – When is the Best Time to Cast Magic Spells?

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Best Time and Days for Casting a Spell

Spell Timing and choosing the right day to cast a spell does not need to be a long and involved process. Magic is a field of few true guarantees, and it gives a surprising amount of forgiveness once you have honed your intuition properly. Above all else, it is important to keep experimenting to find out what is best for you. The energy signature of a person has great effect on the spell, as much as the day the spell is cast on, so find out what combination works best for you. The alignment of the stars and planets, as well as the shifting phases of the moon, charges your spells with distinctive energies unique to each celestial body.

Spell Timing and Choosing the Best Phase of the Moon

During the time taken by the Moon to revolve around the Earth every 27.3 days, it goes through the various phases. The power of the Moon varies with the phases of the Moon. The magic of the Moon has a major role in the Wicca religion. The magic rituals vary with the phases, known as the Maiden or the waxing moon, Mother or the full moon, and Crone or the waning moon. The Maiden, Mother and the Crone are believed to be the faces of the Goddess. The Maiden represents sensuality and new beginnings; the Mother represents fulfillment, liberality and fertility; while the Crone connotes intelligence, respite and consideration.

The four phases of the Moon – New Moon, Waxing Moon, Waning Moon and the Full Moon – each lasts for a definite time frame casting the spell. While some spells work better on the Full Moon, others are known to generate the desired outcome during another period.

This heavenly body has been the source of power for the witches, with her casting the lunar magic. Moon is considered a female, which goes from the stage of a Maiden to a Mother and then, Crone.

Full Moon & Spells

The Full Moon casts it spells beginning from the fourteenth day after the new Moon to the seventeen and half days. The magical power is the strongest on the night of the full moon. Positive spells for protection, healing, love and wealth besides those involving fertility, increase psychic ability, etc. is performed during the period. The love spells cast during the Full Moon is known to make a partner more sensitive to your feelings, giving you more attention and care, besides showing a welcoming change, accepting new ideas related to your relationship.

New Moon Magic

New Moon marks the beginning for new ventures, starting from the day of the new moon to three-and-a-half days after. People believe in the strength of the New Moon to make new beginnings in love, health or career. The life transforming during this period is ideal for even shifting to new homes. People wait for the New Moon to get themselves rid of the things for a brighter tomorrow. It is the time to reflect, withdraw and prepare for a new action.

Waning Moon Magic

The period starting from three-and-a-half to ten-and-a-half days after the full moon is the waning phase used for expelling negativity. The Waning Moon is also believed to hold the magic wand for cleansing and divination spells. People cast spell that brings them the power to take charge of things and be assertive by strengthening their inner self. Waning moon is ideal to remove hexes and reverse spells.

Waxing Moon Magic

Waxing Moon, extending from seven to fourteen days after the new moon exudes energy for granting the desired wishes quickly. During the Waxing Moon phase focus on constructive magic for gaining things, money, power, knowledge, psychic development, courage, friendship, health and luck. The waxing moon is the best time to cast spells to find new love, prosperity spells and rituals, and any spell that concerns attraction and growth, or putting plans into action.

The Moon spell and the love spell are known to move in unison. Through the identification of the relationship between Moon spells and the phases, we can harness the power the Moon to enjoy a very powerful love force.

Dark Moon

The dark moon is a time when the moon is not visible in the sky. This moon phase takes place just before the beginning of a new lunar cycle. This transpires ten and a half to fourteen days after the Full Moon. Similar to the Waning Moon Magic, this is also the time to banish bad habits, to deal with attackers, and addiction. It is also a good time to analyze your angers, passions and darkest recesses. It is an especially good time for binding spells, for internalizing and discovering the negative vibes we have, our anger and passion.

DividerSpell Timing according to the Waxing and Waning of the Days

As many other signs, the waxing and the waning of the days (in this case, the sun rising and setting on that day) hold significance with regards to the event.


The dawn signifies new beginnings. It is a good time to cast spells for purification, new beginnings, success, business, studying and employment. Cast spells to break curses, beauty spells, weather spells, spells for friendship and forgiveness, as well as any magic spells related to romance, love and feelings.


A rising sun signifies a strengthening influence, used to create what does not currently exist or strengthen what currently does. It is also a good time to cast spells for good luck, intuition, justice, fertility, to brew potions, and to perform herbal witchcraft.


When the sun reaches the highest point you are able to harness the full powers of the sun. It’s the best time to take advantage of the maximum amount of sun energy. Cast spells for new opportunities, career, money, success, motivation, confidence, protection and courage.


A setting sun represents fading influence—use the setting sun to remove obstacles to what you want to strengthen. In a healing spell, the waxing sun serves to strengthen the body, while the waning sun weakens the influences of bad fortune and infectants. It’s a good time to banish misery and pain, to break addictions and negative habits.


The dark night is best suited for spells to increase psychic awareness, for peace, healing and divination. It’s also a good time  for spirit work, love spells, creativity and potency.


Best Days of the Week for Spellcasting

Along with the lunar phases, the day of the week that one chooses for spell casting can affect the spell’s results. Plan your spells out in advance so that you don’t accidentally miss the best day. While other factors like the sorcerer’s state of mind are more important to the chances of a successful casting, casting on the right day enhances the spell along several different lines.

The days of the week were originally connected to the elements and planets. Even today calendars all over the world use the same system, though the origins of many of the day names have been lost.


Ruled by the moon. It is the best day for carrying out rituals based on fertility, especially female fertility. Set festivals that celebrate a woman’s relationship, strengthen bonds of friendship, or banish strife, during this time.


Ruled by Mars and the element of Fire. Associated with Ares, it can ensure success of military operations. In peacetime, it aids in spells to banish fear during the waning period or strengthen one’s resolve during the waxing period. When strength of the mind and body are the primary concern, favor Tuesday.


Ruled by Mercury and the element of Water. The Greek god of Hermes the Messenger is aligned with this day. As such, most spells associated with travel and communication are best cast during this time. Use your magic during this time to rid yourself of writer’s block, or encourage a positive reception to an idea or a manuscript. Or use it for divination spells designed to acquire knowledge.


Ruled by Jupiter and the Eastern element of Wood. It is also related to fertility in general and male fertility in particular. Set aside Thursday for spells related to virility, job hunting during the waxing day, or seeking a raise during the waning day. Also, magic for personal ambitions in business or elsewhere, are best undertaken on a Thursday.


Ruled by Venus and the Eastern element of Metal. It has a powerful influence on spells designed to affect love and lust. Spells cast during a waning Friday are designed to break down barriers to love and friendships. It can also be useful for banishing unhappiness (during the waning period), or finding new friendship (during the waning period)


Ruled by Saturn and the element of Earth. During this time cast spells to increase the size of harvests and the fertility of animals and livestock. Spells that protect the hearth and home are also best saved for Saturday. Psychic attacks and defenses are especially potent during this time, as are spells that are designed to communicate with the spirits of nature and the spirits of the departed.


Finally, Sunday is the day ruled by the Sun and the god Helios. Spells cast on Sunday are designed to increase wealth and general prosperity, especially during the waxing period. It can also support attempts to make peace and increase chances of success.


Spell Timing according to Solstices and Equinoxes

Vernal Equinox

The vernal equinox is a good time to cast spells for new beginnings, for fertility, family, home and most importantly for love.

Summer Solstice

During the summer solstice it is highly beneficial to cast spells for male fertility, male energy, weddings, marriages and contracts.

Automnal Equinox

Cast spells during the Automnal equinox that are related to contracts, endings and harvest.

Winter Solstice

The Winter Solstice is a good time to cast spells related to family, home, hearth, new beginnings and connections.


Best Corresponding Zodiac Sign for your Spell

The zodiac signs that modern Westerners are aware of, the thirteen constellations associated with the solar calendar, were also used in the lunar calendar in prehistory. Every few days, the moon enters a different alignment corresponding to a different zodiac sign. Lunar calendars with alignments listed are available online. The following is a brief summary of the lunar alignments and how they figure into spellcasting.


Aries is associated with courage, the planet Mars, and the element of fire. Cast spells to aid risky endeavors that require a stalwart heart during this time. In modern days it is useful for tasks in which your resolve must be steeled—like breaking a habit or addiction.


Taurus is associated with the arts. Cast spells during this time to aid an important artistic endeavor, such as the opening of a new gallery, the submission of a manuscript for publication, or before a major concert. Taurus is connected with the planet Venus and the element of Earth.


Gemini, associated with Air and the planet Mercury, aids in clarity and connection. While the moon is under Gemini’s influence, cast divination spells. The heightened influence of the air also aids in communication and factual dissemination.


Cancer is the sign of family, and family ties. The zodiac sign of cancer is connected to the element of water and also the the moon itself. Cast spells to strengthen family ties while this sign waxes in the eye of the moon, while banishing disagreement when the sign is waning.


Leo the lion shares a connection with the Sun, and it is also Fire-aligned. During this time cast spells that are associated with love and lust. Pay close attention to whether Leo waxes or wanes during this time: if waxing, these emotions will increase, while if waning they will recede (which can increase clarity of thought)


The zodiac sign Virgo is ruled by Mercury and the element of Water. Virgo is the sign that aids domestic and career labor. It is an auspicious sign for cleansing and organizing the household.


For legal and contractual matters, turn to Libra, Venus’s sign of Air. Signing new leases, forming employment contracts, or the dedication of marriages also rely on this sign.


Scorpio hangs beneath the influence of both Mars and Pluto. Under the waning sign of Scorpio, perform exorcisms and other spiritual cleansings designed to remove the influence of unwanted supernatural entities or actions.


Capricorn is associated with male fertility and male relationships. Governed by Saturn, it is a good time to ask for a raise or to try and move up the career ladder.


Do not do spells under Aquarius that aid only yourself. Aquarius can strengthen friendships and it can also improve the workings of an organization that you may belong to.


Pisces, under the influences of Jupiter and Neptune, is associated with the success of astral magic and dream journeys.


Selecting the best Time by Month and Types of Moon


  • The old Moon, The Quiet Moon
  • Best for: Protection


  • The Wild Moon, The Quickening Moon
  • Best time for: Planning


  • The Plow Moon, The Moon of Winds
  • Best time for: Goals, desires, fulfillment


  • The Budding Moon, The Planting Moon
  • Best time for: Gardening, planting


  • The Willow Moon, The Bright Moon
  • Best time for: Success, career, jobs


  • The Mead Moon, The Honey Moon
  • Best time for: Spirituality, balance


  • The Hay Moon, The Blessing Moon
  • Best time for: movement, progress, your future, goals


  • The Corn Moon, The Sturgeon Moon
  • Best time for: Health, wellness, well-being, preservation


  • The Harvest Moon, The Fruit Moon
  • Best time for: Family, home, harvest, food, herbal magic, Thanksgiving


  • The Blood Moon, The Hunter’s Moon
  • Best time for: Honoring the past, dreams, spirituality, scrying, divination


  • The Dark Moon, The Beaver Moon
  • Best time for: Dispelling negativity, releasing spells, banishing spells


  • The Oak Moon, The Wolf Moon
  • Best time for: Strength, power, gemstone magic

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