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Black Magic Break-up Spell

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Black Magic Breakup Spell

If your partner was stolen from you by another man or woman, then you may want to resort to a Black Magic Break-up Spell. This spell works on two fronts, not only will the spell break your partner from your rival, it will simultaneously punish the rival for what they have done to you. Some third-party interferences are just so cruel that only a black magic break-up spell will do the justice you need. But be careful about your intentions, make sure you really want your ex back. Your intention should be first and foremost the love for your ex-partner, not solely revenge.

If you are certain that you will be extremely happy with your ex-partner then go for this break-up spell to put an end to his or her present relationship. However, if relations between the two of you have never been cordial and you want to break up his relationship just as an act of revenge then think twice. This type of negativity can only lead to more negativity and unhappiness.

Things You’ll need for the Black Magic Break-up Spell

  • Black candle
  • 1 sterile needle or Dragon’s blood ink
  • Cauldron
  • Lighter
  • Piece of paper
  • Pin, Athame, or Exacto knife

How to Cast the Black Magic Break-up Spell

Cast your circle. Using the pin or the Athame carve the initials of the couple that you want to break up into the black candle. Next, carve the sigil of the wish-granter demon Chenor into the candle.

Demon Chenor Sigil

Demon Chenor Sigil

Light the candle and put the piece of paper in front of it.

If you are using your blood heat the needle in the flame, then prick the thumb of your power hand with the needle. You can also use Dragon’s Blood Ink if you do not wish to use your own blood, but keep in mind, your own blood makes this spell much more potent. Write the initials of the couple you want to break up onto the paper. On top of each initial write your own initial.

Take the candle and drip wax on top of the initials until they are completely covered by wax. While doing so build up energy and focus on your wishes. Send as much negative energy as you can. Visualize what you want to happen. Take your time with this step, it’s important.

Once you are done and you feel good about your spell, take the paper and tear it apart. Put the pieces and any wax that may have fallen off into the cauldron. Set it on fire. Let the paper pieces burn to ashes.

After the candle has burned out completely discard the ashes by throwing them into the wind.

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