Candles for Spell Casting

Candles for Spell Casting

You might have always noticed how fire and flames accompany almost all sorts of rituals and prayers. Fire has always played a very integral part of almost all traditions and ceremonies. Since time immemorial, candles have been lit to illuminate the altars of the Almighty. The magical and spiritual powers of the flame cannot be and should not be underestimated. A lit candle exerts some kind of a magical pull and creates a spiritual environment. Candle magic and Candle Spells are powerful genre of magic which though seemingly subtle, has powerful implications.

The Importance of Candles in Magic Rituals

Candles are an integral part of several or most of the spells and their positions and colors also are factors to consider while performing magick, witchcraft, voodoo or wicca rituals. The colors of the candles, charging and cleansing along with creation of efficient energy fields are crucial to the success of the spells.

Different Types of Candles

There are various different types of candles, specific in their functions and effects, each assigned to different type of spells. Different types of candles include – Chakra candles, Male and female shaped, pillars, zodiac candles and 7 day candles. The pillar candles are most commonly used and can be used on a daily basis. Also, they come in a wide variety of colors and are immensely sought after owing to its longevity. Every type of candle mentioned above is specific in nature in that the chakra candles are used for cleansing of our bodies and providing a holistic effect; the male and female shaped candles are meant to be used for casting love spells.

The Meaning of Candle Colors

Every color that the candles come in exudes a meaning of its own, though regional and spiritual influences can affect the perspective of the individuals and their beliefs in different colors. So now let us see what each color on a candle stands for and symbolizes.

Candles for Spells and Rituals

White Candle

The white candle stands for spiritual strength, innocence, power and purity. It is also used for forming connections with the departed souls.

Red Candle

This color symbolizes energy, passion, vigor and health. Red colored candles are also used for performing spells for the return of a lost love.

Yellow Candle

Yellow shades might range from non-metallic to golden sunflower to lime yellow. It symbolizes cheerfulness, attraction, captivating and is used to perform rituals for making your dreams comes true, like laying your hands on a lot of money.

Light blue Candle

Light blue candles stand for the qualities of coolness, tranquility, clarity in thinking, perception and calmness.

Medium blue Candle

Medium blue candles symbolizes spiritual fortitude and peace.

Dark blue Candle

These candles symbolize deep and extensive mental thoughts and immense devotion towards spirituality. Dark blue candles are also used for spells cast to make some one depressed and moody.

Green Candle

Green color stands for wealth, money, business and financial success and harvest. Green candles are used to cast spells for achieving business success, especially financial success.

Orange Candle

Orange candles stand for stimulation of positive mental as well as physical energy, happiness, clarity in thinking and encouragement.

Pink Candle

Pink candles symbolize love, affection and romance and is used for casting spells aiming for long lasting and meaningful relationships.

Russet brown Candle

Russet brown stands for uncertainty in romance and love and has slight red color influences.

Medium brown Candle

Medium brown symbolizes hesitancy, pauses in actions.

Silver Candle

Silver is used for dissolving and getting rid of all negativity and emerging victorious. It stands for good overtaking all that is evil.

Garnet Candle

This color has the same influences as that of red and has the energy and vibrations of blue. These are only a few colors that have been mentioned, but now you know, what every color stands for and their influences in candle magic.

Easy Candle Magic Rituals

Candle magic spell casting is regarded to be one of the simpler and basic forms, and even amateurs to spell casting can practice it with little guidance. When you are about to start off with the process of casting candle magic spells, there are certain rules and measures that you must follow.

The first thing to do is to consider which kind of candle to use for the spell casting. A colored candle is the best way to perform candle magic, and make sure the candle is an authentically colored one. Keep the plain, white candle as a back-up option in case you cannot find a colored one.

You will then have to inscribe accurately your personal motive for performing candle magic. Then, light the candle and place it in front of you, as you meditate on your spell casting goal. Visualization plays a crucial part in candle magic, and if you want your candle magic spells to have full effect, try to conjure a perfectly clear picture of your purpose. The entire process of casting candle magic spells may be completed in around 15 minutes or less.

There are certain points you must keep in mind while casting candle magic spells. They are:

  • Give protection top priority, and don’t let the candle magic burn down your house.
  • DO NOT ever blow out the flame of your candle. Pay more respect to the fire elements.
  • Find the right colour of the candle as per your compatibility. Different colours represent different types of energies, so understand the connotation of each colour.
  • Try to build a psychic link with the candle to bring out more energy. Using olive oil can help with this.
  • Before you get started with the process, try to clear your thoughts and learn concentration by meditating.
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