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Importance of Casting the Proper Spell

by Magic Love Spells

Casting the proper spell is a matter of experience and energy you possess, along with all the other elements of practicing magic such as the ingredients, materials, down to the proper dialog. At times you will find that your spells just haven’t manifested and you may get a bit worried. Well, there are things you can do to ensure that you cast the proper spell every time and that you aren’t making any errors preventing your magic from working.

Will of the Universe

You must never forget that your magic doesn’t work on your time. You have to allow the spell to work as the will of the Universe allows it. If you find that the results you are waiting for are just not manifesting when you thought they would, you should still remain positive and patient as it just might not be the right time yet.

Record Your Magic Workings

If you record every bit of the magic you work, you will be able to troubleshoot any problems that may hinder your results. This could involve purchasing the wrong ingredients or getting relics that are not truly what they were sold as. This is a common issue that causes some practitioners some unneeded stress as they evaluate their energies and ingredients not thinking that the location they purchased the ingredients from may have been peddling fakes. This does happen as magic products and supplies are always in demand and some find it profitable to distribute products that aren’t what they are claimed to be. Keeping a journal or some sort of record as to where you purchase each item, the items you used, the words you spoke, etc. you will find that you will easily be able to pinpoint any issues you may have.

Do Your Research

Research does not always start and stop at reading various publications, spell books, or internet resources, it also includes speaking to the elders and most experienced in the practice. This can clue you in to the absolute proper spells that you should be casting for the reasons you are casting. One problem practitioners have is that they may cast a spell that was improper for them or the situation, yielding no results. This is unavoidable and most practitioners have done it more than once. Usually doing a bit of good research, they quickly are able to find out what they did wrong and what spell or ritual they should have been performing instead.

Experience is Key

Your experience will pave your magic road of success. Seems a bit corny, but it is the truth. The more experience you have, the more able you will be to indicate any issues when casting spells. You will be more apt to choosing and casting the proper spell and carrying it out with the proper elements and the most energy that you have. You will find that sometimes casting the proper spell is something that is learned through time and a few failures as magic is all but scientific in any means.

When you have figured out how to avoid casting anything but the proper spell, you will find that you are more in tune with the will of the Universe instead of sweating anything you have done wrong. All these steps can be used together or alone to avoid any simple mistakes that could stand in the way of you casting the right spells. You want the magic you practice to be right for you and that includes the spells you cast. You want the spells to be successful and work with your energy, not against it.

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NYleve September 14, 2018 - 10:02 pm

More important to the perfect choice of ingredients is the willpower. I sometimes have the feeling for a certain way of doing a spell and leave the way to my spiritual guidance. Not to attract the wrong side I am always in a circle of holy water or salt. Best performance is naked.


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