Egyptian Magic Spells

Egyptian Magic Spells

Witchcraft differs and varies with every region and imbibes every regions traditions, beliefs and practices within the craft and culminates to become unique to that particular region. Witchcraft though has a consistent grounding throughout, the way it’s practiced and applied changes with people. And that is just exactly how even Egyptian witchcraft came into being. Egyptian magic is distinct and a highly acclaimed form of witchcraft that is practiced by people far and wide.

Free Egyptian Magic Spells for You to Cast

The Principals of Egyptian Magic

The practitioners of Egyptian witchcraft treat this art as a religion or revere it even more. They worship their own Gods and Goddesses like the horned God for animal life, death and sun and the Triple Goddess of full, waning and waxing moon and perform their own rituals and traditions. Moon has a great influence and plays a crucial role in the Egyptian magic as witches believe that moon helps them regain and vitalize their energy levels and helps them connect better with nature.

The changing and seasonal cycles also influence this form of witchcraft to a great extent. The Egyptian witchcraft is symbolized by a wheel with eight spokes known as “Wheel of the Year” which stands for the various agricultural, solar and pastoral festivals of the year. They too, just like the witches and the Shamans consider the sundown as the start or beginning of a day which will only end at sundown the next day.

Egyptian witchcraft practitioners generally cast spells and perform magic at special gatherings known as Esbats or Moon celebrations. Different moon phases have their distinct influences and impacts on the magic that they perform. Egyptian witchcraft includes spells for healing, bringing good fortune, protection, channelizing and cleansing of energy and soul. They work their magic and spells within the magic circle which will be energized and charged by performing their rituals.

Casting Egyptian Spells

Egyptian spells are highly sensitive and effective, especially love spells. This form of magic can be used to reunite separated lovers or intensify a relationship and so on. These spells work by harnessing the nature’s extra sensory forces around you and make their impact stronger. Remember, this magic is purely “white” in nature and there are no harmful effects or consequences that you need to wary of. You might wonder if these love spells work against the will of the concerned person, and you can breathe easy because they do not. There is no manipulation or bending of will involved in these love spells.

But it is very important to hire a professional and an expert spell caster to perform these spells for you as even a small discrepancy can render the whole spell futile. These love spells are entirely spiritual in nature and nothing similar to black magic or voodoo. The important and the only factors playing a role in a love spell are your spiritual power and the positive energy that you possess. That is all. There is incorporating of any other force or factor that can in any way cause abnormal or unwanted effects.

But, do not take the power of an Egyptian spell for granted. They are highly sensitive and extremely effective. Egyptian witchcraft helps you regain your connection with the lost spiritual realm of yours and once reconnected, you can experience its beauty and purity.

So, why give up easily when your love life is not in its right state. Set it right by making use of the amazing Egyptian witchcraft love spells, which will bring back the lost happiness, the lost love and your desire. With these love spells, it is like the all of the nature’s forces conspiring to bring love into your life.

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