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Is there any Free Psychic Advice?

by Magic Love Spells
Free Psychic Advice

Is free psychic advice a matter of “you get what you pay for”? The question is not always easy to answer.  Certainly a bit of free advice isn’t a matter of someone fraudulent trying to get something out of you.  More likely, you get a free psychic reading from a psychic at a party or from someone who is practicing their skills and doesn’t feel right charging money until the skills are more honed.

Free Readings at Parties

The psychic at a party scenario happens all the time.  A person will be part of a get-together and will give readings away for fun, just to liven the party atmosphere.  The psychic usually has genuine powers and usually charges people for them but is gracious enough to give away their services to interested party-goers.  It can be a great deal of fun and, for those that get readings, it can be very insightful, too.

A Psychic in Training

If you’re lucky you’ll run into the second type of psychic.  This is a person who has genuine powers but is at the intuition stage or the stage where they get fragments of information about people and haven’t gotten the skills to give full and accurate readings yet.  Such a person is in a stage of apprenticeship and hasn’t the experience of other mediums who charge for their services.

This is a kind of person who genuinely does want to become skilled in their psychic powers but needs refinement.  He or she is ethical about their powers.  They don’t want to charge for readings that aren’t yet polished.  They may advertise their services in the yellow pages or on an internet chat board.  The readings you’ll get from such a person varies.  There are many different types of psychics that fall into this category.  Usually, you’ll get a fragmented reading but you might find out something interesting.

Free Psychic Readings to Avoid

The only free psychic readings you want to avoid are the phone readings where the individual does five minutes for free but charges an exorbitant amount for all subsequent minutes.  The first five minutes of a remote reading involved getting information about the person and getting to know one another and aren’t a valid reading in the first place.  Then you end up paying a large sum of money for all minutes past five minutes.  This isn’t a free reading at all.

The truth about this kind of psychic is that very few are legitimate.  They work for a company that hires intuitive people who can appear to give a legitimate reading because they are reading the personality and reading off the statements of the person being “read”.  As mentioned, you’ll want to avoid seeing this kind of readers because you won’t really get a free reading and it won’t likely be a legitimate one.

Randomly Approached by a Psychic

Every so often a psychic will approach you for a free reading.  This is because they happened upon you and felt something powerful from you.  They felt compelled to talk to you and to give you a reading of what they picked up.  It can be something bad they have divined about you or it can be something positive.   If you run into this kind of psychic, you are lucky indeed.

Very few psychics advertise free readings unless they have underlying motives.  Check with a friend or family member to see if they know one who will see you and give you a reading gratis.  It may be someone in your neighborhood or just someone your relative works for.  If you get the chance to see this kind of psychic, take the chance.  You won’t likely be disappointed.

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