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Magical Herbs – How to Use Herbs and Plants in your Magic Spells and Rituals

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Magical Properties of Herbs

You might have heard of Herbalism or medicinal and curing properties of herbs and plants from your grandmother. But have you heard of herbs and plants with magical meaning and extraordinary magical properties?

First of all, when using herbs in magic, you can intensify the power of a spell while also increasing the energy of the intention behind the spell.  If you choose to add herbs to a spell working, you will find that not only is the spell more effective, but the effects are often greater than you imagined they could be.  Herbs and plants hold their own energy and by adding their energy to yours in a spell, the results can be dramatic. Herbs for protection and herbs for healing are most popular, but there are many additional ways for you to implement the energy of nature into your spell work.

The Energy of Nature

Nature is already an energy source we tap into. From the foods we eat to the products we use every day, we are always looking to nature to give us energy.  When using plants and herbs in magic, you can tap into the innate energy stores that plants hold.  Plants live and breathe, just like humans do, though many people forget this.  They have their own energy to help them live, to grow, and to be fruitful.  As a result, if plants did not have their own energy, they would die off – and humans may not exist.  In this complicated relationship, we can certainly see that each plant and each herb has its own power to share.

From the lavender with its calming properties to mugwort and its potential to cause visions, the energy of plants allows us to access the energy of nature and then direct it in spells.  Plants are a part of their surroundings and environment as well, picking up the energy of an area and the people who take care of the plant.  These energies too can work within the spell to help bring an intention into being.

Creating a Spell Recipe for Success

Choosing the right herbs for use in magic is essential.  You want to think about the energy of the plant and how it relates to the spell working you do.  Also, think about the energy you want to go into the spell and think about the outcome you want.  If you want to have a peaceful resolution for a problem, then you should use plants which are peaceful.  If you want to intensify a project or a goal, then you need to find herbs that can follow that energy pattern. While certain plants are recommended for certain spell workings, listening to the plant and using what calls to you is another way to ensure you’ve chosen the right plant for your unique needs.

Herbs and plants used in magic are as varied as the spells in which they are used.  By thinking of the natural world as being filled with allies and with helpers, you can see how adding pieces of nature to your spell working makes sense – and it increases the power of the spells themselves.

Magical Herbs listed by Intent

Attract Spirits: Lavender.

Aura Cleansing: Thyme.

Banish Evil and Negativity: Basil, Clove.

Beauty: Lavender, Thyme.

Breaking a spell: Patchouli.

Clairvoyance: Dandelion.

Courage: Catnip, Saint John’s Wort, Thyme.

Defeating enemies: Patchouli.

Exorcism: Frankincense, Rosemary, Sandalwood.

Fertility: Hawthorne, Nutmeg.

Friendship: Clove.

Gambling Luck: Chamomile, Nutmeg.

Healing Herbs: Saint John’s Wort, Rosemary, Sandalwood, Thyme.

Hex and Curse Removal: Dragon’s Blood, Lemon verbena, Wormwood.

Knowledge: Lily of the Valley (poisonous! Do not eat! Keep away from children and pets!).

Love: Catnip, Dragon’s Blood, Ginger, Jasmine Flower, Lavender, Nutmeg, Peppermint, Rose petals,  Rosemary, Saint John’s Wort, Thyme, Yarrow.

  • Attract Love: Juniper.
  • Attract opposite sex: Orris root.
  • Bring back lost love: Patchouli.
  • Keep a Lover faithful: Rosemary.
  • Attract True Love: Rue.
  • Gaining Love: Vervain.
  • Love Binding: Yarrow.
  • Heighten Sexuality: Foxglove.
  • Marriage: Marigold.

Luck: Dragon’s Blood, Nutmeg.

Happiness: Catnip, Rose petals, Saint John’s Wort.

Marriage Proposal: Chamomile.

Money: Blackberry, Dragon’s Blood, Ginger, Jasmine Flower, Lavender, Patchouli.

Power: Ginger.

Prosperity: Nutmeg, Vervain.

Protection from Black Magic: Rue.

Protection Herbs: Basil, Bay Laurel, Dragon’s Blood, Frankincense, Juniper, Lavender, Marjoram, Mugwort, Myrrh,  Rosemary, Sage, Saint John’s Wort.

Psychic Abilities and Divination: Jasmine Flower, Juniper, Marigold, Mugwort, Orris root, Peppermint, Saint John’s Wort, Thyme, Wormwood, Yarrow.

Purification: Dandelion, Frankincense, Myrrh, Peppermint, Pine, Rosemary, Sage, Thyme, Vervain.

Repelling Black Magic: Wormwood.

Send away an unwanted lover: Lemon verbena.

Speed up results: Mint.

Spirituality: Frankincense, Myrrh, Sandalwood.

Success: Ginger.

Willpower: Rue.

Wisdom: Rosemary, Sage.


Most Important Herbs for Spells

Let’s have a look at a few of the herbs and plants and their “magical” meanings and significance.


Acacia stands for protection and also for psychic powers.


While a few used aloe for its magical property to enhance beauty, improve the chances for success, besides offering protection against evil influences, in Hoodoo Folk Magic and Occultism, bitter aloe powder cast a spell on the lips of the people speaking evil, driving them to silence.


Angelica is used for gaining clarity of vision and thinking and also in exorcisms and for protection.


Used to offer purification, protection and joy. Anise has the strength to ward off nightmares and Evil Eye. As a result Witches believe in the anise’s capacity to enhance their psychic abilities.


Aster stands for friendship and love and helps in fostering them.


Use Basil for love spells and purification baths. Exorcising negativity from a home, used in love potions and purification baths, basil exudes the power for love, wealth, fertility, exorcism, repelling negative air, enhancing prosperity, healing. Most noteworthy is that it is commonly used to improve the partner’s faithfulness in a relationship.


Blackberry is applied for the working of money spells and the vines of this plant are believed to be very protective in nature.


This herb stands for protection, strength, purification, energy and innocence.


This herb too symbolizes protection, and apart from that, purification, lust, health and psychic powers.


Catnip is used in love spells and connotes good spirits and luck. Many use it in fertility pendants and also in winning the partner’s heart.


Use Dandelion to call upon spirits, for making wishes come true, and also for divination.


Hanging it drives off evil spirits and neutralizes negative energy. It offers protection from curses, offers strength to women, heals and is capable of generating money.


It is used in fertility amulets and is gifted to brides for good luck. Twigs of hazel were hung from the windows to offer protection from lightning strikes.


It possesses the power to promote harmony along with passion and romance. Some rubbed themselves with lavender to shield against the cruel treatment of the partner. As a result is seen as a sign of chastity, longevity and happiness.


Magnolia is placed under the mattress for martial bliss and mutual sexual satisfaction. It is believed to elicit fidelity. Magnolia buds are used to attract females.


Nutmeg is used as a lucky charm popular amongst the gamblers. It is considered a sign of prosperity.


Parsley is used for protection, its calming effect, and for health spells. It is also used to easy money problems.

Pepper tree

The Pepper Tree stands as a symbol of protection and helps with its powers in the process of healing and maintaining or regaining good health.


This pretty flower symbolizes love lust. Money and mental powers


Poppy flowers stimulate psychic dreams and visions while sleeping whereas the white poppy seeds provoke creativity in the individual. The poppy blue seeds are a sign of love and luck. The poppy seeds enhance fertility and are believed to weaken the enemies.


This Primrose stands for love, lust and protection. Use it in spells to make a person fall in love.


The rose, the eternal symbol of love and beauty, stands for other aspects like healing, protection, luck, psychic powers and also divination.


Rosemary stands for wisdom, healing, protection, creativity, vitality, healing, purification and love. It is also known to provide confidence and mental clarity.


The magical power of the sage is believed to enhance wisdom and decision-making capabilities. In addition, it also possesses the strength to ward off negativity and reverse magic spells.


Skullcap stands for love fidelity and mental peace.


Tamarinds meaning lies in healing, in love and protecting.

Above mentioned are few of the most influential herbs and their meanings. There are thousands more which mean and stand for various qualities.


Thyme stands for Psychic knowledge, beauty, love, purification, courage, and healing. It can also be used for grounding.



Why Magical Herbs are Used in Spells

Their extraordinary powers have been put to use for brewing powerful elixirs, seducing lovers and also soothing the mind. Magical Herbs have been used for all imaginable purposes ranging from healing to soothing, from protection to enticing people’s palates and also from making people fall in love to regaining lost love. Yes, herbs and magic go hand in hand and almost every herb has a specific and a significant meaning that holds very important for the magic practitioner. Therefore,  using the right herb and plants for magic can help you achieve amazing effects and results through spell casting.

Above all, adding herbs to your spells increases the strength and effect of the spell manifold. You might wonder how the herbs come to possess magical and spiritual properties? All plants, flowers, herbs have an energy field of their own and this energy of theirs adds to the energy of the spell. It is believed that herbs can transfer their energy through to us by mere physical contact.


How to Use Magical Herbs in your Spell Work

There are several ways you can use herbs in your spell work and to add power to your rituals:

  1. You can include the herbs into the spell by mixing them and visualizing the effects and results, because this way the herbs pass on their energy to the spell, making it work with added strength and vigor.
  2. The best way for you to include the magical herbs is by simply rolling your oiled/anointed candles into the herb or mixture of the herbs. This is how you pass the energy of the herbs on to the candles, its flame and thereby to the spell.
  3. Burn herbs on small charcoal blocks or disks.
  4. Place some herbs on a metal incense burner tray and then light them on fire.
  5. Burn all sturdy herbs, such as sage, cedar and mugwort directly. These herbs are flammable enough that you can directly light them on fire.
  6. The easiest way to use magical herbs is by setting them on fire for cleansing. Therefore, do this before, after, and even during a spell. These magical herbs help to clear away negative energy to help ready a person for a spell or to remove any negative energy that a spell has brought to the surface.
  7. Make actual potions and use them in your spell work.
  8. By creating oils and tinctures, incenses and herb bags, a person can continue to work on the spell for months at a time. With each new spell working, that herbal essence or product can have more energy added to it.

Keep in mind that a little goes a long way with using herbs.  That’s why it is recommended to start with a small amount and then add more if needed.

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