Introduction to Tarot

Introduction to Tarot

Many people draw inspiration from tarot cards which have been around since the fourteenth century. Tarot readings can be interesting which is why many people have found comfort and wisdom in tarot card readings. When you approach a tarot reader it is important to do so with an open mind. Most tarot readers prepare for a reading before meeting their client. The preparation may involve meditation or a ritual in order to be able to concentrate and remove any negative energies or thoughts. Tarot readers have their own style of preparing for a reading.

The Types of Tarot Decks

There are different types of tarot decks such as Rider-Waite, Golden Dawn, and more. Readers choose to work with decks of their choice, where some use even more than one deck. They may use more than one deck in a reading but generally use one deck per card spread. Tarot readers also have their own personal interpretation of each card in a deck. This makes them more fluent in readings and enables them to interpret them quickly in order to gain insight into the client’s situation.  During a tarot card reading, it is possible to ask general or specific questions as long as the person is comfortable talking about a certain area of his or her life with a tarot reader.

The Different Card Spreads

Different card spreads are used to match various aspects of a question. Most tarot readers use a variety of spreads to increase the efficacy of their readings. There are also traditional card spreads such as the Celtic Cross and 3 Fates. Some readers use complex card spreads such as the Astrology Spread which consists of 24 cards that deal with 12 main areas in an individual’s life. The combination of cards in the spread helps the reader develop an insight into a particular situation.

Myths and Misconceptions

There are many myths associated with tarot cards. One of the common ones is that when someone receives the Death card, the death of someone is imminent. On the contrary this card has a deeper meaning and is not associated with the death of any person. The card represents change and evolution. Many people have also thought that a card reading can bring misfortune. This is far from the truth which is evident from the popularity of these cards. Tarot readers do not do their own reading because a reading requires three parties to be involved which are the reader, the questioner, and the tarot deck.

Many people are also of the opinion that psychic powers are required to conduct a tarot reading. No such powers are necessary since each of these cards have a meaning of which has been developed over the years. In order to achieve the best results it is essential for the reader to set aside any preconceptions and thoughts about a problem and let the cards do the work. Another myth is that tarot can be used to cast spells. This is just not possible since the cards have no power other than that of insight. Tarot cards are purely to help an individual gain further insight into a problem or situation from which they can take a suitable course of action to remedy the situation.

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