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Magic Spells and the Will of the Universe

by Magic Love Spells
Will of the Universe and Magic

There is nothing scientific about magic and there are no time limits or constraints. In fact, you could wait quite a while for results to manifest from a spell. The time it takes isn’t calculated, measured, or precise, as the timing of magic is most likely the most imprecise element, with the will of the Universe ultimately depicting how long it takes for your magic to take effect.  Those who have a great experience in magic have seen spells cast after others work first. The Universe is a very sensitive structure that can manifest various things only as it is acceptable for the Universe to still be structurally sound. If the spell must wait, it must wait until the power and elements within the Universe are just right for the effects to manifest.

The Manifestation of Spells

As magic is not very scientific and the will of the Universe even less so, there are many theories as to what gets spells going and what could cause delays. Many believe that the stronger the magic, the quicker you can see manifestation; however, others think that it doesn’t matter about the power. There are those that have been practicing for years and can still experience a long delay in spells, however, those that believe the strength of the magic makes a difference, find that the stronger their emotions and the more force they put through to the spell, the shorter they wait to see it manifest.

When you initially perform a spell, your subconscious is at work putting forth several emotions and feelings, really sort of feeding the spell you are casting or whatever type of magic you are practicing such as a hex or a charm. There is nothing set in stone that says your spell will manifest within a certain amount of time that the results will appear, however if you are focusing on a certain time and place, it may be the Universe’s will for it to manifest in that manner. There is really no telling, the more positive and patient you remain, the better.

Don’t Chase the Magic

Often, practitioners, especially those that are beginning to dabble and have little experience, will search for their results, which is incorrect thinking. If you haven’t seen it, it probably isn’t there and if you start searching, you may disrupt the will of the Universe. If you start trying to make a way for the magic to manifest, you are disrupting the unseen patterns that the Universe works off of, most likely causing your magic to take much longer, or not appear at all. Also, if you are running around looking for the manifestation, you may miss it when it appears. Magic is not something you chase and is determined solely on the will of the Universe.

Importance of Focusing on your Desired Results

Many get frustrated, wondering why their magic takes so long, sometimes waiting for weeks or months, maybe even a year or so. What can you do? Take this time to be patient and continue focusing on your desired results. This can actually help with the entire essence of the magic allowing for the spell to come through much as desired. We don’t understand just how strongly our mental patterns are and when in tune with the Universe, you will find that the magic you practice begins to manifest exactly how you expect and when the time is right. The will of the Universe knows when the time is right for the exact manifestation to appear, whether you think it is past due or not. You will find that when the spell takes effect, the elements, your personal need, and everything shows that the time is optimal for the effects of the spell to work out accurately.

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