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Magical Potions and Aphrodisiacs

by Magic Love Spells
Potions and Aphrodisiacs

Magic can take the form of amulets, talismans, spells, incantations, perfumes, aphrodisiacs and potions. With the help of other tools like herbs, candles, and incense, these make magic more potent and powerful in the sense that if magic is used with these tools or in these forms, a person’s intentions and desires are more likely to be realized.

Magical potions are aids in magic that require either the spell caster or the person for whom the spell or magic is for to drink said concoction. Magical potions help the person who drinks this potion feel happy, fulfilled or refreshed, bring forgotten memories back , feel more beautiful and attractive, or arouses love or passion.

Using a Potion for Attraction

Depending on what is wished for, the magical potion has ingredients that facilitate the attraction of what is desired like in the case of magic love potions, the potion will have rose in it as the main ingredient. Most of the magical potions made are used to draw love to either the spell caster or the seeker.

There are magic love potions for spells for spiritual love, romance, friendship, falling in love or attracting a new lover. Once it a magical potion is taken, the magic goes through the person’s system, making them feel more attractive and confident. The positive energies of confidence then opens the person to love and ready to give and receive love. With that basic element fulfilled, the magical potion now draws a person to the seeker, someone worthy of love and will give truthful and faithful love in return.

Using Aphrodisiacs

Magic bringing love and other desires can also be found in aphrodisiacs. These, in contrast to the magical potions, are eaten either by the spell caster, the seeker or the subject of the magic spell.  By definition, aphrodisiacs heighten or intensify sexual desire. Found in nature itself, it can be herbs, insects or pieces of animal horn, etc.

Based on sympathetic magic, magical aphrodisiacs work on symbolisms. Taking for example the horn, it is shaped like a phallus and therefore increases sexual desire. Consuming these aphrodisiacs also stimulates the pleasure areas of the brain, giving the person a feeling of well being and positivity that is the most attractive quality that a person can have. The consumption of chocolate is one example. Once again, with a confident poise and sureness of self, other people become attracted to the spell caster or the seeker.

Using Potions and Aphrodisiacs with Spells

With the help of a spell and tools like amulets, talismans, incense and candles, magical potions and aphrodisiacs become filled with positive energy giving it power to grant the wishes any desires of anybody who consumes these magical potions and aphrodisiacs. The ingredients of the magical potions and the aphrodisiacs work together with the scent of the incense, the taste of the chocolate in the case of love spells to calm the mind and surround it with positive energy. It gives a feeling of comfort and confidence where openness to love and to people will follow drawing the admiration, attention and love of other people.

The power of magical potions and aphrodisiacs are not something to be taken so lightly. The act of making magical potions had been around us for centuries now and even evident in our fairy tales such as snow white and little mermaid. Unfortunately many do not believe in the power of magical potions and aphrodisiacs anymore but if we dig deeper into our hearts and souls and listen to our environment, you will hear and feel the power of magic around us. It’s there we just need to recognize it and believe in it again.

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