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Mental Condition of the Spell Caster

by Magic Love Spells
Mental Condition for Spell Casting

There are so many elements that influence magic, one of the most important being the mental condition of the practitioner. Why is this so important? When performing any magic, a spell, hex, etc. if the mood is not right, it will not work. This seems to be a bit weird, but with magic being so influenced by your emotions, you must be in the right mental state for any type of magic to work properly. Many skeptics have dabbled in magic using the ineffectiveness as their means to prove it is not real, however, they are just proving that if you don’t believe and your mental condition is not appropriate, you will not yield any results.

An Unseen Force of Magic

Emotion and magic go hand in hand. Actually, emotion can be considered as the unseen force of magic. When conducting a spell that is cast for a specific outcome, the outcome has an emotion behind it. For instance, when you cast a love spell, there is love directed in the outcome and the same is for any type of hexes and other spells aimed towards a specific emotion. If you attempt to perform a love spell without the feelings of love surrounding you, it is quite obvious that the feelings you put forth will be reflected in the spell, most likely causing adverse or no effects at all. If you have obsession over true love, you will most likely have a case of a stalker soon on your hands which could be quite dangerous for you or your loved ones. The entire mental condition of the practitioner should be appropriate for the results to manifest correctly.

Of course there are money spells and good fortune spells and you may be unaware that the emotions put forth into those spells must too be appropriate. It is quite obvious that if you have malice or contempt in your heart towards someone, the money or good fortune may come at their expense. Even a hint of envy could cause adverse effects, usually in the way of causing some sort of misfortune to those that you had these negative thoughts towards. Any spell with a negative feeling behind it will most always have a negative result, which is worse than no result at all.


For those skeptics that have for years now tried to discredit magic by performing spells and yielding no results, you are not proving anything. In fact, if you are in disbelief of the magic you practice, you will not see any results manifest due to the fact that you haven’t put the key emotion into the magic: belief. Many of us have seen and heard many things about voodoo spells being ineffective on you if you do not believe; well, the same goes for the practice of magic. If you don’t believe in what you are doing, you are just lighting candles and mumbling some words.

An Important Essence

Even if you are a beginner and are just dabbling for entertainment, you must make sure that you do not have any unintended emotions. This could cause your spell to backfire and if you are inexperienced, this could cause large problems. Just as a candle has a specific essence, oil and incense has specific essence, you too bring with you an important essence into every spell you cast, every bit of magic you practice. If you do dabble in black magic, you will have to put forth your negative thoughts because your spells will fail if you’re thinking positive and seeking negative acts to manifest. Your essence is the largest essence of magic and your mental condition strongly sways your magic.

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