Moon Magic Love Spells

Moon Magic Love Spells

Moon magic love spells are part of Wiccan magic.  This makes these spells one of the oldest traditions around for love.  The interesting part about moon magic in general is that for many years and still today, this type of magic was a particular specialty for women.  Therefore, these love spells are not only effective but the women who cast these spells are well aware of the feminine mentality and problems, making her an expert in the spells she casts.  There are dozens of different types of love spells for moon magic and each spell requires different materials, ritual practices and the hour and days that you perform the love spell on.

Free Moon Magic Spells for You to Cast

Moon Magic Elements

Most forms of magic use some sort of physical objects used in the ceremonies.  Moon magic practitioners generally have long lists of ingredients needed for their love spells that can include anything from personal items to bodily fluids of the person being summoned.  The ritual instruction will advise you of what you need.

Rituals of Moon Magic

Since moon magic is a derivative of Wiccan magic, there are many pagan traditions which can be found within these ceremonies.  These ceremonies are safe yet may seem eccentric to the eye.

Time of the Ceremony

One extremely important factor in moon spell casting is when the spell is performed.  These rituals can be performed at any time unless it is the time of the new moon.  All spells will be void on this day.  Also, the phases of the moon relate to the types of spells performed.  For instance for a budding new relationship, it is best to cast a spell for new love under the full moon.  To solidify a current relationship, a spell should be cast during the waxing moon.

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