Obeah Spells

Obeah Spells

Obeah is a religion, though not in the sense that we traditionally believe a religion to be in that, Obeah practitioners do not go to a shrine or a temple or a church to pray and practice. It is more like a belief in which there is a God that they revere and worship. Magic is a way of life for the Obeah men, which is used to tap the spiritual and the physical powers for purposes of love, healing, and good fortune and so on.

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The History of Obeah

The practice of Obeah evolved from the west and central African rituals and traditions and slowly got brewed in with several Christian influences, though in very small degree. It spread to America by the African slaves and today is essentially practiced in the Caribbean region.

Obeah has been long since been misunderstood to be everything dark and evil and a practice that involves magic. Yes, just like everything is based on the principle of yin and yang, this principle of good and bad co-existing together applies to the obeah religion too. It comprises of dark magic as well as white magic. The Obeah spells involves the use of chants, spells, charms, Shamanistic tools and talismans for reaping the spiritual and physical forces for one’s own bidding. Obeah men or practitioners are highly feared knowing the power of this magic and partly because they are considered to be Satanic and demonic. Black or not, Obeah men are considered to be the one of the most powerful amongst all.

Obeah origins can be traced long back to the Ancient Egyptians and is also believed to have a few common roots with Catholicism. Obeah spells work by tapping the powers of the spiritual and divine and conglomerating it with the physical and metaphysical forces to seek answers or achieve a desire or looking into the future.

The Powers of Obeah Love Spells

Obeah spells are powerful in terms of love as well. Contrary to the belief that obeah love spells work by manipulating and tricking the person as the target, obeah love spells work on the spiritual level and simply strengthens and brings about the realization of the already existing feelings of love and affection. Only Obeah love spells being extremely powerful, the spell caster as well as his subject have to be very clear in the results that you want. Vague desires will give you vague answers. That is the characteristic of Obeah magic; it has a very “straightforward” approach towards seeking answers or achieving the goals set. It is direct and powerful. But, not in the negative sense.

Obeah love won’t harm or go against the targeted person’s will. It does not work that way. These love spells though powerful in nature do not resort to lowly and shrewd means to get you the happiness that you deserve. They bring together the spiritual and physical forces and it is their efforts that bring about the positive changes that have been evading you by pushing away any negative influences.

Not too many people turn to obeah love spells fearing its powerful and evil consequences. The image of the obeah men and their practices have been marred and feared for long now, whereas the reality is far away from this misconception.

Obeah – the Secret Art of Spell Casting

How the Obeah spell exactly and intricately works is a much searched for answer and has remained a mystery that only very few really know. All we can presume is that they have the power to conjure up and bring together the powers of the spiritual and physical at their discretion and very powerful at that.

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