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Old Witchcraft Secrets

by Magic Love Spells
Witchcraft Secrets

Old witchcraft secrets exist in various religions and covens. There have been numerous types of “secrets” linked to traditional witchcraft. These examples include family, oaths, personal and practice.  Old secrets are usually related to a passing down magical recipes to a younger member of a family.  Sometimes secrets may relate to a particular religion, such as Voodoo, Obeah or the Santeria practices. These religions are known to be riddled with family secrets, because some of the practices are handed down from family member to family member. The protection of a particular faith or religion has been protected with secrets and myths.

How Witchcraft Secrets are Passed on

Old witchcraft secrets in the family relate to such religions such as Voodoo, Obeah and shamanism. The secrets may have been referred to spells, potions, rituals or other trademark signature practices. Elder members of the religion pass on these secrets to their children, either by private diaries or orally. The current theory for the keeping of secrets is the possibility of the magic work being turned against the originator. Some of these works are traditional methods of worship or blessings for the family members. However, some of these old witchcraft secrets may have been lost or changed by the younger members.

Witchcraft Secrets and Oaths

Some secrets are required by religious oaths, family members or required by the deities of their practice. Religious oaths differ from the deities for the reason that religions are manmade. Another difference between a religious and an oath to a deity is that the deity oaths are more “sacred” than one made from man to man. These old witchcraft secrets have been comprised over the centuries. The price of man can be bought with coins or torture, torture has been a method to extract information. The oath made to a deity has dire consequences if broken by the divine mage.

Personal Secrets in Witchcraft

Some old witchcraft secrets are personal to the spell caster or mage in some religions. Personal secrets in witchcraft can have several different means; a common “practice” is to keep a casted spell secret from everyone. However, certain items, spell composition, casting or knowledge of certain arts. Some “crafters” do not want certain information of their practice to be known to the world. They may have competition or enemies that could pervert their methods for ill gains. These private secrets have come about research and development in the practice of witchcraft. Some methods are completely experimental and could bring harm or be an embarrassment to the user.

Importance of Secrecy when Casting Spells

The practice of witchcraft had to be kept secret throughout the ages. Certain governments or religious leaders labeled witchcraft as anything but peaceful. There had been persecution and hangings because of disinformation that had been spread through lies and prejudice. Some of the witchcraft groups fled Europe to other countries in the world. Witchcraft prosecution still exists in today’s world and so the practice is still kept secret in certain countries. Sometimes a particular “practice” requires secrecy due to the nature of its form. Black magic is one of these secret practices that have been kept out of the limelight for so long.

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