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Pentagram in Magic Rituals or Spells 

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Wiccan Pentagram

The Pentagram is the most common symbol of witchcraft, the same way the Cross of Christ represents Christianity. It is said to have originated in 3500 B.C. in ancient Mesopotamia. It is a drawn equilateral five-point star, upright and inscribed within a single circle. It represents the unanswered questions within the universe; the unexplained and mysterious.

Spells that are designed to affect the spiritual world commonly use a pentagram in the ritual (as opposed to spells designed to affect the material world, such as a spell that summons great wealth or a love spell). These “spiritual” spells include consecration of a site or natural area to protect it from malevolent influences, spiritual transformation, the summoning of friendly spirits or the banishing of corrupt or mischievous spirits. A pentagram is an important focus for the creation of a magic circle, which can involve drawing an additional pentagram.

How to Use the Pentagram in your Rituals

For best results, make your own pentacle to use in your rituals. Magical tools are most effective when they have some personal connection to the caster. The required materials vary by who makes them, as long as the shape itself is correct. They need not be ornate, but can be additionally decorated with glass , jewelry chains, or personalized runes. These runes usually have some connection not just to the practitioner, but to the spell that is being performed. For instance, the rune Dagaz that’s shaped like a butterfly can be attached to a pentagram to represent transformation.

Materials used in the pentagram’s construction have significance as well. Silver is connected to the moon and is associated with femininity, healing, and connections. Gold is connected to the sun, and is associated with business, wealth, and fame. Iron is associated with stability, restriction, and banishment.

The Symbolism of the Pentagram

When placing runes or otherwise attaching psychically significant items to a pentagram, it might be useful to remember the symbolism of the pentagram itself. Each point of the star within the pentagram represents either one of the four classical elements, or the “fifth element” of Spirit. This fifth element is the top point of the star and associated with divinity and unity. Going clockwise from there, the upper right point of the star symbolizes water, or the emotional and intuitive senses of human beings. Fire is the lower right point of the star. It is linked to the banishing of fear and the strengthening of courage. Earth is the lower left point of the star, associated with stability and physical endurance. Finally, the upper left point of the star is Air, which symbolizes communication, intelligence, and artistry.

Other Uses for the Pentagram in Rituals

The sign of the pentagram is also used within a ritual without using an actual physical pentagram. Instead, the practitioner traces the sign of the pentagram out in chalk on the surface he uses to cast the spell, or traces it with his finger as he casts it. When drawing the pentagram, start at the lower left corner and draw the first line to the point, before continuing to the lower right corner, then the left corner, then the right corner before back to the lower left corner.

The Meaning of an Inverted Pentagram

Finally, the inverted pentagram is another well-known symbol that is often confused with the upright pentagram. When the sign of the pentagram is reversed, the symbol represents a connection with the Devil, instead of with the Divine. This is the reason why pentagrams are often unfairly associated with devil-worship. When creating a pentagram and invoking it, pay close attention to the orientation. Magic, like any tool, can be used for positive and negative purposes. Pentagrams are an important expression of that.

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