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Proper Materials and Supplies

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Supplies, Ingredients and Materials for Witchcraft Spells

Magic is a precise practice that even skeptics warn to perform properly in order to avoid undesired effects that could happen in the event you perform a spell or some sort of magic incorrectly. As there are different types of magic, there are many different types of materials and supplies that are used for each practice, the use of each varies essentially to the success of the spell. There are various types of roots, incense, candles, herbs, seeds, etc. all that must be used in the accurate type, size, portion, etc. in order for the spell or charm or whatever type of magic you are performing to be  a success.

Why is it so important to use the proper materials and supplies?

When it comes to magic, using just any materials and supplies will not do. There are certain factors and elements in magic that actually determines the outcome, most of these factors and elements beyond our control. For instance, a love spell must have certain influences within your individual aura, the smell of the room, the colors used to generate the magic, etc. There are specific materials you may need to specify the actual result of the spell, which must be produced in the exact condition it is asked for in. Why? Well, if you are required to produce a yellow candle dipped in the essential oil of Sweet Pea, you must do just that, otherwise you have turned the spell into something different altogether and it may be something you do not wish to appear.


Candles are one of the most commonly used supplies in magic as they are used most commonly for ritual purposes, symbolizing spirit and/or energy. There are even basic candle rituals that you participate in without realizing, such as blowing out candles on a birthday cake. Candles have an age-old history of use and the proper colors, scents, etc. are all indicative of the power of the candle and what it can be used for in magic. Love spells usually call for red candles and money spells call for green. There is different incense or oils the candles must contain or be dipped in, and there are many different varieties of candles used for each magic spell. The appropriate candle is necessary to ensure that the magic is performed properly without error.


Incense, too, has a long history of use in magic as it brings about fragrances and energy that can be manifested into powerful magic. This is useful in producing the desired effects with great power and a strong magic. Incense are usually burned on charcoal discs or variations of discs in order to produce the right flow of magic and are used most commonly for magically enhancing various aspects and elements of life, especially love and wealth such as almond, pomegranate, or other similar scents. The exact spell you perform will call for specific incense which must be used with no substitutions or exceptions or the spell may produce different effects, even the adverse effect.

Fragrant Oils

With fragrant oils derived from various plants, the fragrances actually have more power on the individual spirit and mental state than the actual spell itself. Using your mental waves, the fragrances are able to properly enhance your mood and feelings in order to perform the spell appropriately and properly producing the right effect without error. The reason it is so important for the right essential oils to be used is the fact that as it changes your personal inhabitance and allows your mental flow to be as desired for the spell to produce the desired effects. The wrong oils can cause the spell to go wrong causing adverse effects.

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