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Moon Magic – How to Harness Lunar Energy for your Spells and Rituals

by Magic Love Spells
Full Moon Magic

Everything has energy in it and around it. When doing spells and moon magic, it helps to understand that everything in the universe can affect your magic in some way, enhancing the power of a spell, and ensuring that the effects are positive. The power of the moon and its lunar energy can dramatically affect the outcome of a spell. Just as the moon controls the tides, the position of the moon can also move a spell to the proper outcome.

There are many different ways on how you can incorporate lunar energy into your spell work. You can schedule your spells according to the eight Phases of the Moon, take advantage of special lunar events, such as a Blue Moon, Supermoon, Lunar Eclipses, as well as the Moons of the Year, and the Astrological Signs.

The Phases of the Moon

One of the most important factors that confer influence on a spell is the moon phase. Casting a spell in an ideal moon phase can help it to succeed. This logic is as simple and logical as even according to the Farmer’s Almanac seeds are sowed during the full moon for the best potency and results. Therefore, do not underestimate the power and pull of the moon. If the moon can determine the movements of the oceans and seas, then its influence on spells is clearly justified.

There are eight essential phases of the moon, and each phase has its own significance and importance and will influence your magic differently. Each phase lasts 3.5 days, and it is during this time that the suitable spells should be cast.

Keep in mind that from the New Moon to the Full Moon, the Moon is waxing and increasing in size. Energy is building and gaining strength, and therefore this is the time when you want to focus on increasing things. On the other hand, from the Full Moon to the New Moon, the Moon is waning and decreasing in size. This is the time to release, to finish things up, and then prepare to let go in anticipation of beginning new.

DividerNew Moon Magic

This is the first phase, and you can recognize it when the tiniest sliver of light appears in the sky.

The New Moon promotes new beginnings, new projects, new ideas, and new relationships. Use this time to for making positive changes, visualize your intent, start a new business, or begin a new relationship. It is also a good time for divination, opening and vision work, setting intentions, and releasing fear.

  • Symbol: 🌑
  • What it looks like in the sky: It looks like the right side of the letter D or the right side of a parenthesis).
  • Time: From exact New Moon until 3.5 days after
  • Purpose: Beginnings, birth, a clean slate, creativity, emergence, potential, initiative, dreams.
  • Position: The Moon is 0-45 degrees directly ahead of the sun.
  • Magical Workings: Beauty, Creative ventures, Gardening, Health, Job and Career, Love, Networking, Romance, and Self-Improvement.
  • Next Dates (EST): 2020: January 24, February 23, March 24, April 22, May 22, June 21, July 20, August 18, September 17, October 16, November 15, December 14.

Note: The New or Dark Moon is often subject to disagreements among many practitioners. Some use both terms interchangeably and don’t differentiate. At any rate, in our practice, the New Moon starts with the tiniest sliver of light visible in the sky, and the Dark Moon is the period when the moon is not visible at all, usually 21-26 hours before the New Moon.


The Waxing Moon Phase

When you want something to happen in your life, you might want to visualize this desire as a seed, trying to grow into a fully mature plant. The seed starts out small, but then slowly grows into something bigger and more meaningful in the world. As the moon grows from being a New Moon to a Full Moon, this is a time when spells can have the most power. As the moon begins to grow larger and larger in the sky, the spell’s energy grows too. You might want to do spells at this time for growing things in your life – success, power, recognition, love, and money. While your intention may be for growth, having the growth of the moon alongside this intention will allow the energy to be as focused and action-oriented as possible.

The success rate of these spells will rise to a great extent during this moon phase.

The Waxing phase starts with the Waxing Crescent (45-90 degrees ahead of the sun) and moves into the First Quarter (90-135 degrees from the sun). From there, the illuminated part grows into the Waxing Gibbous (135-180 degrees from the sun).  The Waxing Moon Phase can, therefore, be divided into the following three phases:


Waxing Crescent Moon Magic

This is the time to put effort, courage, and faith into your dreams and goals. If you want something, you have to go for it. The Waxing Crescent Moon Phase is all about expansion, overcoming challenges, and, most importantly, moving forward. It is an excellent time to cast spells for self-improvement, new beginnings, business ventures, love, change, emotions, and strength. Use this time to make plans, to lay a foundation for the future, and to start something.

  • Symbol: 🌒
  • What it looks like in the sky: Like a Sliver
  • Time: 3.5 to 7 days after the new moon.
  • Purpose: Expansion, activity, effort, moving forward, challenges, change, courage, faith.
  • Position: 45-90 degrees ahead of the sun.
  • Magical workings: Emotions, change, strength, love, business, animals.


First Quarter Moon Magic

This is the time to commit, to separate yourself from the past, and for action. If there are any obstacles or doubts present, this is the time to remove them. The First Quarter Moon is all about your commitment and breaking through any obstacles and challenges. During this time, spells for friendship, luck, motivation, and courage are beneficial. It is also a time of instinct and intuition, a good time for decisions, and the doorway to other places.

  • Symbol: 🌓
  • What it looks like in the sky: Like a Half Moon
  • Time: 7 to 10.5 days after the new moon.
  • Purpose: Action, separation from past, breakthrough, confidence, commitment.
  • Position: 90-135 degrees ahead of the sun.
  • Magical workings: Luck, friendship, courage, intuition, motivation, elemental magic.


Waxing Gibbous Moon Magic

This is the time to stay on course and for development. If you have slipped and need to re-start, this is the best time to do so. The Waxing Gibbous is the last phase before the full moon. It has immense powers and potency to attract something into your life, whether it’s love, luck, courage, abundance, or harmony.

  • Symbol: 🌔
  • What it looks like in the sky: 50.1% to 99.9% illuminated
  • Time: 10.5 to 14 days after the new moon.
  • Purpose: Development, overcoming, perfecting, evaluation.
  • Position: 135-180 degrees ahead of the sun.
  • Magical workings: Peace, Love, patience, wealth, courage, harmony.


Full Moon Magic

Almost all types of spells are positively influenced by the full moon, especially those which indulge exclusively with the magical powers and energies.

Use this time to cast spells for love, beauty, money, fertility, dreams, and family. The lunar energies will also help you in creative work, strengthening your psychic abilities, meditation, intuition, and emotions.

The Full Moon phase is considered to be the perfect time for casting love spells. When cast during this time, they have the maximum effect and the best chance of working. This fact can be attributed to the full visibility of the moon, its effects on a person’s emotions is not a revelation, and has been known since astrology came into being.

  • Symbol: 🌕
  • What it looks like in the sky: 100% illuminated
  • Time: 14 to 17.5 days after the new moon.
  • Purpose: Completion, fulfillment, culmination, harvest, vision, illumination, results.
  • Position: 180-225 degrees ahead of the sun.
  • Magical workings: Love, Romance, Beauty, Change, Dreams, Family, Money, Protection, Health, Psychic Power, Artistic endeavors, Motivation, and Self-Improvement.
  • Next Dates (EST): 2020: January 10, February 9, March 9, April 7, May 7, June 5, July 5, August 3, September 2, October 1, October 31, November 30, December 29.


The Waning Moon Phase

The waning moon phase is considered to be the ideal time for casting spells that deal with evading or keeping destructive influences like evil spirits at bay as it is the time when the visibility of the moon is decreasing. The waning moon phase is often considered almost similar in terms of the characteristics and properties of the dark moon.

At the same time, there may be moments when you want your life to have less in it – fewer bad habits, less bad luck, less weight, etc. In these times, you want to encourage the energy to decrease. As the moon retreats from being Full to being a New Moon, the energy decreases, and it causes the energy to slow down as well. This time of the waning moon works well for banishing things from your life as well as for encouraging bad habits to go away. For example, if you wanted to quit smoking or lose weight, starting at the Full Moon and working a spell until the New Moon would encourage the energy of the bad habit or situation to dissipate.

The Waning phase starts with the Waning Gibbous (225-270 degrees ahead of the sun) and moves into the Third Quarter (225-315 degrees from the sun). The Waning Moon Phase can, therefore, be divided into the following phases:


Disseminating or Waning Gibbous Moon Magic

This is not the time to start something new; it is the time to go easy on yourself, to review your life, regroup your forces, and to correct mistakes. It’s a good time to remove obstacles, to settle disputes, and to make changes. Cast spells to break addictions and bad habits, protection, healing, divorce, and banishing unwanted situations, people, influences, and energies.

  • Symbol: 🌖
  • What it looks like in the sky: 3/4 full
  • Time: 17.5 to 21 days after the new moon (or 3.5 to 7 days after the full moon)
  • Purpose: Initial Destruction, teaching, maturity, reaping, demonstration.
  • Position: 225-270 degrees ahead of the sun.
  • Magical workings: Protection, Divorce, Addiction, Emotions, Stress, inner attunement, and Decisions.


Last Quarter Moon Magic

This is the time to make way for the new. It is also the time of endings and banishing. Use this phase to remove yourself from anything negative, negative situations, habits, influences, relationships, and people. Cast spells for protection, health, addiction, and banishing.

  • Symbol: 🌗
  • What it looks like in the sky: Half full
  • Time: 21 to 24.5 after the new moon.
  • Purpose: Absolute Destruction, re-orientation, harvest, assimilation.
  • Position: 270-315 degrees ahead of the sun.
  • Magical workings: Protection, Addiction, Health, Endings, Stress, Banishing, and Ancestors.


Balsamic Moon and Dark Moon Magic

The Dark Moon phase is considered to be ideal to cast spells that are involved with evading or getting rid of unpleasant or bad things and influences. Cast spells for justice, removal of obstacles, change, and enemies.

  • Symbol: 🌘
  • What it looks like in the sky: Slim crescent to not visible at all
  • Time: 24.5 to 28 after the new moon.
  • Purpose: Death, release, rest, destiny, transition.
  • Position: 315-360 degrees ahead of the sun.
  • Magical workings: Separation, Divorce, Addiction, Justice, Enemies, Obstacles, Change, Removal, preventing theft, and getting rid of stalkers.
Additional Information to the Dark Moon

The Dark Moon is the period when no direct sunlight is being reflected from the moon and when the moon is not visible. This time period is 21 to 26 hours before the New Moon, still within the Balsamic Phase.


Special Lunar Events

The Blue and Black Moons, Eclipses, and other lunar events (i.e., meteor showers) can also help to intensify spell work.  If you notice that a lunar event is coming soon, you may want to consider any spells you’ve been considering to try to time them with the maximum energy of the moon’s position. Every movement and phase of the moon is a determining factor of a spell’s ability and capacity to work.


Blue Moon Magic

A Blue Moon occurs when there is a second full moon within the same month, and also when there is a fourth full moon within the same season.  The later only transpires every couple of years, which makes it an extremely rare yet powerful event.

A Blue Moon is the most powerful time to harness lunar energy. Use this time to cast spells to create miracles, for problems or situations that require rapid success.

  • Purpose: The second Full Moon within the same month, and the fourth Full Moon within the same season.
  • Position: 180-225 degrees ahead of the sun
  • Magical workings: Anything that requires potency, is difficult to solve and requires rapid success.

Next Blue Moon Occurrences

Third Full Moon of Season
  • May 18, 2019
  • August 22, 2021
  • August 19, 2024
Second Full Moon in a Month
  • October 31, 2020
  • August 31, 2023
  • May 31, 2026


Black Moon Magic

A Black Moon occurs when there is a second New Moon within the same month, and also when there is a fourth New Moon within the same season. Since repetition increases the power of anything, the Black Moon has immense powers. It can even reveal deeply hidden truths and unearth mysteries with ease. During this time, cast spells for truth, soul-searching, new beginnings, the future, and divination.

  • Time: The second New Moon within the same month and the second New Moon within the same Season.
  • Position: The Moon is 0-45 degrees directly ahead of the sun.
  • Magical workings: Truth, inner journey work, soul-searching, future plans, new beginnings, divination.

Next Black Moon Occurrences

Third New Moon of Season
  • August 19, 2020 (EST)
  • May 19, 2023 (EST)
Second New Moon in a Month
  • April 30, 2022 (EST)


Supermoon Magic

When a New or Full moon closely occurs with perigee. Perigee happens when the Moon reaches its closet point to Earth during the monthly orbit, resulting in the largest apparent size of the lunar disk as seen from Earth. To harness Supermoon energy, the position of the moon within a zodiac sign can impact the type of energy available to use in your magic. The same applies to Supermoon Esbats.

  • Purpose: Increased Energy
  • Position: 0-45 degrees or 180-225 degrees ahead of the sun.
  • Magical workings: Cast spells that require extra strength.
  • Next Supermoon (EST): 2020 Full Moons: March 9, April 7. 2020 New Moons: October 16, November 15.


Lunar Eclipses

Lunar eclipses are extremely magical events and should not be missed. On average, a Lunar Eclipse takes place nearly once a year. During a Lunar Eclipse, the energies of the Moon and Sun connect and therefore create a balance of the male and female polarities.

The light-dark-light concept can be compared to the birth-death-rebirth cycles, something that makes a Lunar Eclipse a very special event for magical workings. Lunar Eclipse Energy is extremely potent, balanced, and a combination of two opposite energies and is capable of bringing real miracles to fruition.

This is the perfect time to cast spells for difficult and hard to solve problems as well as long-term goals.

  • Magical workings: Relationships, Money, Business Ventures, Love, Romance, Health, Protection, Psychic Development, and Self-Improvement.
  • Next Lunar Eclipses (EST): 
    • January 10 – Penumbral lunar eclipse. Visible in Europe, E. Africa, Asia, W. Australia.
    • June 5 – Penumbral lunar eclipse. Visible in Africa, Middle East, west & central Asia, Australia.
    • July 5 – Penumbral lunar eclipse. Visible in N. America, S. America, W. Europe, Africa
    • November 30 – Penumbral lunar eclipse. Visible in N. America, S. America, E. Asia, Australia


Esbats – The Moons of the Year

Every month usually has one full moon, but one month each year will have two full moons within the same month.  Such a second full moon is what we call the Blue Moon. Each full moon has its very own characteristics and offers spiritual energy that you can incorporate into your magical workings.  Plan your spells and rituals around the Esbat Lunar Cycle to harness that unique lunar energy and make your spells work more effectively.


Wolf Moon Magic

Use this time for cleansing and renewal rituals. It is the time to start over, breaking old habits, getting rid of the old, and welcoming the new. The perfect time to set goals and to cast spells for prosperity, wealth, protection, and strength.

  • Month: January
  • Other Names: Also known as the Cold, Snow, Winter, Frost, Ice, and Quiet Moon.
  • Magical workings: Family, relationships, new beginnings, conceiving, reversing spells, discovery, organization, protection, strength, breaking with old habits, love, and romance.
  • Next Dates (EST): January 10, 2020


Ice Moon Magic

This time is associated with the brutal cold of this month, which caused hardship to those practicing the Old Religion. The soul and belly are yearning for spring to come, therefore use this time for healing and purification. The perfect time to cast spells for fertility, growth, and to encourage healing, as well as spells that attract financial wealth and prosperity.

  • Month: February
  • Other Names: Wild, Hunger, Storm, Death, Snow, Ice, and Starving Moon.
  • Magical workings: Fertility, growth, healing, forgiveness, wealth, purification, responsibility, and prosperity.
  • Next Dates (EST): February 9, 2020


Storm Moon Magic

The time after the bitter cold months brings awakening, renewal, and change. Focus on your imagination, ideas and creativity, and welcome personal growth. Cast spells for prosperity, change, and purification.

  • Month: March
  • Other Names: Wind, Chaste, Worm, Seed, and Death Moon
  • Magical workings: Personal growth, change, creativity, clarity, imagination, ideas, honesty, prosperity, purification, exploration, balance, and truth.
  • Next Dates (EST): March 9, 2020 (Super Moon – Super Strom Moon)


Growing Moon Magic

Not only is it the time for sowing seeds in the earth, but it is also the time for action and for opening yourself to new opportunities, goals, and change.  Work magic for love, balance, cleansing, growth, and strength.

  • Month: April
  • Other Names: Seed, Water, Egg, Grass, Pink and Awakening Moon
  • Magical workings: Love, creativity, cleansing, balance, growth, strength, change, opportunities, productivity, confidence.
  • Next Dates (EST): April 7, 2020 (Super Moon – Super Growing Moon)


Hare Moon Magic

This time encourages love, romance, sexuality, fertility, and pleasure. Cast love spells to rekindle love, bring back a lover, or to strengthen your relationship. Work magic for faeries, psychic development, intuition, and strengthen your connection with supernatural beings and protectors.

  • Month: May
  • Other Names: Bright, Grass, Milk, Merry, and the Flower Moon
  • Magical workings: Love, romance, joy, pleasure, fertility, healing, creativity, intuition, psychic work, faerie magic, and spirit connections.
  • Next Dates (EST): May 7, 2020


Mead Moon Magic

This is the month of the Gemini and is perfectly suited for romantic engagements and marriages. If you are single, this is the best time to attract love into your life. Focus on relationships of any kind, such as family, love, friendships, business, neighbors, etc. Work magic to enhance communication, harmony, protection, decision-making, personal issues, and inner power.

  • Month: June
  • Other Names: Honey, Planting, Horse, Strawberry, Dyad, Flower, Merry, and Lovers Moon.
  • Magical workings: Relationships, love, family, friendships, harmony, protection, communication, decision-making, personal issues.
  • Next Dates (EST): June 5, 2020


Hay Moon Magic

This time represents the time of maturity and fulfillment. Use the heated lunar energy reflected from the Summer sun in spells for protection, prosperity, success, strength, and plans. It is also a good time for dream-work, divination, and spiritual growth.

  • Month: July
  • Other Names: Hay, Wort, Raspberry, Blessing, and Rose Moon
  • Magical workings: Success, dreams, protection, healing, preparation, divination, prosperity, strength, goals, plans, spiritual growth.
  • Next Dates (EST): July 5, 2020


Corn Moon Magic

The harvest time is a time of abundance, gratitude, and gathering together all that holds meaning to you. Work magic for marriage, friendships, health, and goals. Use this time to celebrate blessings, give thanks, and show gratitude.

  • Month: August
  • Other Names: Red, Barley, Dispute, Harvest, and Gathering Moon.
  • Magical workings: Gathering, friendships, marriage, harvesting, gratitude, health, vitality, appreciating, abundance, goals.
  • Next Dates (EST): August 3, 2020


Harvest Moon Magic

This is another month of abundance and reaping the rewards for your work. Give thanks for seeing your dreams come to fruition, goals achieved, wishes fulfilled, projects accomplished, and wisdom gained. Work magic for balance and to get rid of physical, emotional, and spiritual clutter.

  • Month: September
  • Other Names: Singing, Spiderweb, Sturgeon, and Wine Moon
  • Magical workings: Balance, physical cleansing, spiritual cleansing, finding peace, completion.
  • Next Dates (EST): September 2, 2020


Blood Moon Magic

This is the time of balance, renewal, inner harmony, and inner cleansing. Let go of what is holding you back or stands in your way and clear the path for the new. It is also a good time to honor the dead, make spirit contact, and divination.

  • Month: October
  • Other Names: Harvest, Hunter’s, Leaf-falling, and Shedding Moon.
  • Magical workings: Balance, renewal, divination, death and rebirth, karma, reincarnation, harmony, letting go of things that stand in your way, justice, spirit contact.
  • Next Dates (EST): October 1, 2020, and October 31, 2020 (Blue Moon).


Snow Moon Magic

This time acknowledges the passing of the abundance of the past season. Connect spiritually with the divine and with the ones who mean most to you. Look beyond the earthly world and work magic for transformation, strength, and your inner self.

  • Month: November
  • Other Names: Dark, Tree, Fog, Beaver, and Mourning Moon
  • Magical workings: Divination, guidance, wisdom, prophecies, future, transformation, preparation, spirituality, communicating with the divine.
  • Next Dates (EST): November 30, 2020


Cold Moon Magic

The nights are longer than the days at this time, that’s why you should use this period to release fears, break bonds, and overcome personal issues and obstacles. The moon has now dominion over the spirit world, and it is the best time to work on magic concerning rebirth, death, darkness, and spiritual paths. Focus on family, friendships, and relationships.

  • Month: December
  • Other Names: Dark, Long Night, Oak, and Wolf Moon
  • Magical workings: Banishing, balance, death, rebirth, release fears, break old bonds, silence, meditation, personal issues, family, friendships, and relationships.
  • Next Dates (EST): December 30, 2020


The Moon and the Astrological Signs

As the moon moves through the twelve signs of the Zodiac, you can harness the different energies of each astrological sign. Schedule your spells and rituals accordingly so that you can harness the unique energy of each zodiac sign. The following list shows the energies you can expect from each of the twelve signs:

Moon in Aries

Use this period for action, enthusiasm, and spontaneity. Aries lunar energy is beneficial for plans, new ventures, independence, self-reliance, and spontaneity. A good time to cast spells related to jobs, money, and to develop courage and strength.

  • Symbol: ♈︎
  • Aries New Moon: Learning, new plans, and projects, gaining confidence, controlling anger and fear, sports, winning, making announcements, and taking risks. Avoid: Not performing the ritual correctly, or rushing it. Be careful of: your own temper.
  • Aries Full Moon: Romance, love, social situations, finding new friends, music, and honor.
  • Next Dates (EST):  2020:  January 1-3, January 29-31, February 25-27, March 23-25 (🌑), April 20-22, May 17-19, June 13-15, July 11-13, August 7-9, September 3-5, October 1-3 (🌕),  October 28-30, November 24-26, December 21-23.


Moon in Taurus

Work magic for attracting love, devotion, harmony, sex, and affection. It is also a good time to cast spells for prosperity, financial security, practical matters, and growth. Spells done at this time take long to manifest, but results will be permanent, long-lasting and stable.

  • Symbol: ♉︎
  • Taurus New Moon: Love, healing, harmony, peace, prosperity, long-term goals, investing, spells for people you love, and also meditations for peace. Avoid: Missing out on a good opportunity. Be careful of: your stubbornness
  • Taurus Full Moon: Investments, money, success, serenity.
  • Next Dates (EST):  2020:  January 4-6, February 1-3, February 28-March 1, March 26-28, April 22-24, (🌑), May 19-21, June 16-18, July 13-15, August 9-12, September 6-8, October 3-5,  October 30-November 1 (🌕), November 26-28, December 24-26.


Moon in Gemini

This is a good time to work magic for learning, intellect, ideas, communicating, deals, and transactions. Cast spells for healing, and un-hexing. Keep in mind that Gemini energy can be unpredictable and unstable.

  • Symbol: ♊︎
  • Gemini New Moon: Balance, learning, meditation, research, divination, family matters, clearing out the old and moving onto the new, and finding a new job. Avoid: Casting spells for too many issues at the same time. Be careful of: self-denial.
  • Gemini Full Moon: Magic, healing, messages, spirituality, compose spells, and rituals.
  • Next Dates (EST): 2020:  January 6-8, February 3-5, March 1-3, March 28-30, April 25-27, May 22-24(🌑), June 18-20, July 16-18, August 12-14, September 8-10, October 6-8,  November 2-4, November 29-December 1 (🌕 Lunar Eclipse), December 26-28.


Moon in Cancer

A good time to cast spells involving fertility, motherhood, pregnancy children, the home, and even finding a home. Cancer energy is highly beneficial to explorer past life, for scrying, psychic work, divination, and protection work.

  • Symbol: ♋︎
  • Cancer New Moon: Pregnancy, feminine matters, emotions, protection, peace, drawing positive energy, divination, psychic development, and dream spells. Avoid: Assuming that a spirit owes you. Be careful of: being too emotional.
  • Cancer Full Moon: Family matters, home, stability, and protection.
  • Next Dates (EST):  2020:  January 9-10 (🌕), February 5-7, March 3-5, March 31-April 2, April 27-29, May 24-26, June 21-22 (🌑 Solar Eclipse), July 18-20 (🌑), August 14-16, September 11-12, October 8-10,  November 4-6, December 1-3, December 29-31 (🌕).


Moon in Leo

The perfect time for spells involving career, leadership, prosperity, and fame. Work magic for vitality, the heart, confidence, kindness, strength, and entertainment. Leo energy should not be used for love spells or other spells involving emotions; it may cause adverse effects.

  • Symbol: ♌︎
  • Leo New Moon: Positive thinking, loyalty, courage, generosity, strength, fun, winning, making your talents shine, and success. Avoid: buying too many magical supplies. Be careful of: bragging about magic.
  • Leo Full Moon: Personal goals, humanitarian issues.
  • Next Dates (EST):  2020:  January 11-12, February 7-9, March 6-7, April 2-4, April 29-May 1, May 27-28, June 23-25, July 20-22, August 17-18 (🌑), September 13-15, October 10-12,  November 7-8, December 4-6.


Moon in Virgo

Excellent time for spells that require meticulous detail such as spells for healing, fitness, diet, education, and stability. Work magic for purification, solutions, and ensuring good results from a project.

  • Symbol: ♍︎
  • Virgo New Moon: Inner work, choices, problem-solving, finding mistakes, information, research, improving magical skills. Avoid: Focusing too much on the ritual details. Be careful of: being too critical.
  • Virgo Full Moon: Intuition, problem-solving, and divination.
  • Next Dates (EST):  2020:  January 13-14, February 9-11 (🌕), March 8-9 (🌕), April 4-6, May 2-3, May 29-30, June 25-27, July 22-24, August 3-4, August 19-20, September 15-17 (🌑), October 13-14,  November 9-10, December 6-8.


Moon in Libra

Work love magic and magic involving marriage, partnership, couples, attraction, true love, and beauty. Libra lunar energy is highly beneficial for balance, harmony, peace, fairness, justice, courtesy, friendship, and contracts.

  • Symbol: ♎︎
  • Libra New Moon: Love, romance, partnership, friendship, improve communication, the arts. Avoid: making enemies. Be careful of: Indecisiveness.
  • Libra Full Moon: Decisions, justice, social situations.
  • Next Dates (EST):  2020:  January 15-17, February 11-13, March 10-11, April 6-8 (🌕), May 4-5, May 31- June 2, June 27-29, July 24-26, August 21-22, September 17-19, October 15-16 (🌑),  November 11-12, December 8-10.


Moon in Scorpio

A good time to explore the occult, divination, mysteries, scrying, karma, transformation, rebirth, and insight. Use Scorpio energy to increase libido, perform sex magic, and to attract passionate love. It is also a good time for work involving emotions, healing of the mind, concentration, and wisdom.

  • Symbol: ♏︎
  • Scorpio New Moon: Instinct, emotions, power, transformation, clarity, karma, wisdom, death, endings, rebirth, and past life work. Avoid: secret agendas. Be careful of: your resentment.
  • Scorpio Full Moon: Transformation, resources, and energy.
  • Next Dates (EST):  2020:  January 17-19, February 13-15, March 12-13, April 8-10, May 6-7 (🌕), June 2-4, June 29-July 1, July 27-28, August 23-24, September 19-21, October 17-18, November 13-15 (🌑), December 10-12.


Moon in Sagittarius

Use this energy for adventure, journeys, religion, faith, understanding, hope, and optimism. It is also a good time to experiment with new techniques, work on your imagination, learning, honesty, and generosity.

  • Symbol: ♐︎
  • Sagittarius New Moon: Understanding, awareness, faith, generosity, understanding, giving hope, talents, and projects. Avoid: rushing through a ritual and skipping important details. Be careful of: running from commitment.
  • Sagittarius Full Moon: Communication, expanding knowledge.
  • Next Dates (EST):  2020:  January 19-21, February 15-17, March 14-16, April 10-12, May 8-9, June 4-6 (🌕), July 1-3, July 29-30, August 25-27, September 21-23, October 19-20, November 15-16 (🌑), December 12-14 (🌑, Solar Eclipse).


Moon in Capricorn

Work magic for stability, ambition, self-discipline, career, and life’s basic needs. It is also a good time for spiritual matters, family bonds, security, and reliability.

  • Symbol: ♑︎
  • Capricorn New Moon: Science, school, justice, authority, promotion, job promotion, saving money, responsibility, order, and also self-discipline. Avoid: Emotional rituals. Be careful of: ruthless ambition.
  • Capricorn Full Moon: Magical work, home, and school
  • Next Dates (EST):  2020:  January 22-23, February 18-20, March 16-18, April 12-14, May 10-11, June 6-8, July 4-5 (🌕, Lunar Eclipse), July 31-August 2, August 27-29, September 23-25, October 21-22, November 17-19, December 14-16.


Moon in Aquarius

Use the Aquarius energy to work on your intuition, heightened perception, inventions, future, goals, collective efforts without intimacy, and friendships.

  • Symbol: ♒︎
  • Aquarius New Moon: Change, independence, new ideas, love, individuality, finding, and defining yourself. Avoid: Spell interruptions. Be careful of: Detachment.
  • Aquarius Full Moon: Loyalty, leadership, courage, self-worth, independence.
  • Next Dates (EST):  2020:  January 24-26 (🌑), February 20-22, March 18-20, April 15-17, May 12-14, June 8-10, July 6-8, August 2-4 (🌕), August 29-31, September 26-27, October 23-25, November 19-21, December 17-18.



Moon in Pisces

Pisces energy is best for divination, past-life regression, psychic work, and communicating with spirits. It is a good time for creativity, sensitivity, compassion, understanding, inspiration, devotion, and empathy.

  • Symbol: ♓︎
  • Gemini New Moon: Imagination, dream work, peace, compassion, divination, visualization techniques, astral projection, spell work for the dead, and also ancestors. Avoid: Self-doubt. Be careful of: Illogical reasoning.
  • Gemini Full Moon: Meditation, helping others, dream-work.
  • Next Dates (EST):  2020: January 26-28, February 23-25 (🌑), March 21-23, April 17-19, May 14-16, June 11-13, July 8-10, August 4-6, September 1-3 (🌕), September 28-30, October 25-27, November 21-23, December 19-21.



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