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Santeria Spell to Return a Lover

by Magic Love Spells
Santeria Spell to Return a Lover

Santeria is an ancient, earth-based religion that traces its roots to the Yoruba tribe of Nigeria. Spells to Return a Lover are an integral part of this faith, and this magic is not limited to the priests and priestesses who have passed its secrets down through the ages.  You, too, can access the power of Santeria to bring positive changes to your life and the lives of your loved ones.

This spell to return a lover is designed to bring an Ex back to your side.  You can use this spell if your own lover has left you, or if you wish to assist a friend or loved one who has been likewise abandoned.  Santeria does not work through coercion or manipulation, and no harm will come to you or your loved ones as a result of this spell.  Santeria works by converting the negative energies that sometimes invade our lives and relationships into positive, life-enhancing energies.

Ingredients for the Santeria Spell to Return a Lover

  • 9 red Candles
  • Vanilla Oil
  • Charcoal disc or small metal tray
  • 1 dried rose bud (yellow or orange)
  • Picture of yourself
  • Picture of your lost partner
  • Pink Heart cut out of construction paper
  • Small Brown paper bag
  • Cauldron or fireproof dish
  • Deity to call upon: Oshun
  • Best time to cast this spell in the night from Friday to Saturday.

How to Cast the Santeria Spell to Return a Lover

Cleanse and Consecrate the Candles (Click for instructions). For this spell it is best to anoint the candles with Vanilla oil.

Arrange the candles in a triangle fashion as shown in the diagram.

Santeria Return Lover Spell


On the charcoal disk or in the small metal tray burn the rose leaves. Wave both of the pictures through the smoke. Write your wishes, desires and goals on the back of the heart. Be as specific as possible. Put the heart in front of the candles, with your picture to the left and your lover lover’s picture to the right.

Light all nine candles in Oshun’s honor, starting with the candle at the top point and then lighting the other candles in a clockwise fashion.

Focus on the pictures and call upon Oshun. Ask for all that you wish for. Be honest and forthright. Be clear and operate only in harmony with the Universe. Speak your wishes out loud so that she can hear you. Take your time, this step is very important and you should not rush.

Next, take the top candle and drip 5 drops of wax onto the heart, continue with all candles in a clockwise fashion. While doing so continue to focus on your wishes.

Once you have completed this step take the heart and put it in the paper bag, then add the pictures (face to face) to the bag. Put the bag into your cauldron and burn it.

Snuff out the candles, Thank Oshun and Divinity for helping you, and throw the ashes into the wind.

How this Santeria Return Lost Lover Spell works

Because it is an earth-based magic, Santeria works by channeling the energies of benevolent earth deities.  These energies can open up a person’s mind to the possibilities that are present within them but which they have failed to recognize or acknowledge.  Santeria works by bringing a person’s hidden desires to the surface, thereby allowing that person to acknowledge and act upon these long-concealed feelings or emotions.  When you use this Santeria spell to return a lover, you are not tricking or manipulating your lover into returning to you, but only showing your lover that they truly do want to return.

Coven Tips for the Return Lost Lover Spell

  • For this ritual it is not necessary to let the candles burn out, but you may do so. It is also acceptable to light them during the next couple of days in the honor of Oshun until they burn out. Please do not throw them out, either use them for other spells, or burn them in honor of the Orisha.

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