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The Experience of the Practitioner

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When practicing magic, the experience of the practitioner is quite essential to the strength of the magic. Much like any type of experience with any type of job or practice, your skills are honed and your talents grow, the potential of your strengths increase and you are overall better at performance. With magic, the same applies, with experience, your strength grows and you learn how to properly focus certain energies towards the magic to manifest your desired results. As magic has so much to do with your inner self, the longer experienced practitioner is best able to focus the correct emotions and put forth the right elements through practice.

How to Begin with Spell Casting

Everyone has to start somewhere and even the most experienced practitioners were once beginners just starting out with small spells and chants. Through continued research of the Occult and experience dabbling with various spells, the beginner becomes more knowledgeable learning various techniques and the right way to do things so the correct results manifest. Many have spent years practicing under someone else’s teachings, which provides safety when just starting out. We all want to start with the most powerful spells but it just doesn’t work that way and just as one must have experience to land the perfect job, you must have experience in order to cast the perfect spell.

There is no skipping experience, much like anything else in magic, there is a certain order in which things are done and no magic practitioner is able to get the full effects on the first try. There are many that practice one spell for years just to get it right. Since magic is one of those things that can either go just right or horribly wrong, you have to ensure that you are ready to manifest the elements and essence necessary to fully carryout magic to its fullest potential. Even the simplest spells could, in fact, turn out quite horrible if you haven’t practiced, researched, and acquired the right amount of strength to put forth into your spell.

The Importance of Research

The first thing you must do when interested in practicing magic is to begin your research. This involves getting various readings, searching online, joining groups, and visiting online forums to get all the information you possibly can concerning the Occult and magic practicing. You will find various things in your research that will let you in on the secrets you need to do when practicing magic. This is your time to decide once and for all if you are interested in getting involved. Once you have learned what you can from reading and research, it is time to find a master to work under. This person will take you under their wing and introduce you to the world in which you wish to belong.

Learning through an Apprenticeship

Practicing as another’s apprentice can actually teach you things that many practitioners learn after years of practice through a great deal of experience with failing and succeeding. You will still require your own experience, however, as your thinking and emotional will is different than anyone else’s. The one thing we bring to the plate that no one else can is ourselves. We hold a personal power that is directed and focused to gain strength through years of experience and a great deal of success and failure of your own.

When you have experienced various spells with different supplies and materials, you will find that you are getting stronger in your powers and are able to focus on the appropriate emotions and feelings much easier than when you were still fresh in the practice. Experience is very essential to the practitioner and is the one thing that cannot be purchased for magic.

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