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Understanding Wicca Witchcraft

by Magic Love Spells
Wicca Witchcraft

Sadly, even today there are those that think Wicca is dangerous and evil. Nothing could be further from the truth. Wicca is a harmonious, balanced, peaceful way to life and thinking which can promote an oneness with all who are and of course with the divine which has been practiced for more than 30,000 years.

Those who practice Wicca literally take time to smell the roses. Something all of us should do. It’s an appreciation of a sunrise, of the forest, of the dew on the petals of those beautiful flowers. Wicca is the color of the autumn leaves, the freshness of the winter snow. It is a connection with Mother Earth’s nature and being humbled in reverence.

Wicca is the religions of Witches practiced in secret by some, and in the open by others. Much of the reason for the secrecy is that even today Witchcraft is still unaccepted. Historically witches have not been accepted and although better accepted today it is still not understood, and it certainly isn’t mainstream.

What is Wicca Witchcraft?

Witchcraft is not about casting evil spells or turning people into toads, and it certainly isn’t about the dark side. A witch is a seeker, healer, and teacher, and at all times a protector of all things. Witchcraft is a unique and interesting practice tied to many things that all of us are familiar with – candles, incense, aromatherapy, crystals, herbs, astrology, Tarot card readings, metaphysics, and rituals.

In ancient times Witchcraft was referred to as “The Craft of the Wise,” because members where in harmony with nature and they had an excellent understanding of herbs and medicines which were used within the communities. They understood that what was taken from the earth had to be returned to keep balance.

The Teachings of Witchcraft

Witchcraft teaches responsibility for ones actions and that there is no one to blame for our mess ups but us. Witches do not play the blame game. They acknowledge nature’s cycles, which include the seasons, and lunar phases, which allows the Witch to work with the deities in harmony.

Today’s Witch is someone who practices a life affirming Earth and Nature orientate religion that honors Divinity in the female and male aspects and the strength of the witches’ religion is called Wicca or Craft and it is recognized by it’s diversity.

Another common myth is that Witches spend their time creating evil spells. Rather Witchcraft spells involve love, healing, creativity, wisdom, and harmony and with the help of the deities, these spells are very powerful. They look within themselves

Principles of the Wiccan Belief

Wiccans believe that the Goddess and God are one and are found in the nature – the trees, lakes, rivers, flowers, sea, rain, and creatures that walk this planet – and that the teacher is nature.

Witchcraft honors the elements of nature – Earth, Air, Fire, Water, and Spirit and it is associated with North, East, South, West, and Center in the sacred circles where rituals are held.

Rituals are practiced regularly by Witches, which can consist of simple ceremonies or they can be very complex and elaborate. They can be basic such as a ritual to improve ones chance at getting a new job, or they can be more complex such as putting a protective barrier around someone you love that is thousands of miles away.

Wicca and its related elements should never be feared but rather they should be recognized for their uniqueness, values, and affirmation with Mother Nature.

Whether you choose to do no more than read about Witchcraft and Witches, or you choose to further your studies and perhaps one day becoming a practicing Wiccan, what really important is that you keep an open mind when you hear the words Witch and Wicca.

Witchcraft and Wiccans

Through witchcraft the wiccans aim of serving the earth and serving here does not mean merely praying and chanting incantations. They go all out in protecting the animals, recycling, resorting to eco-friendly means to combat pollution and so on. It is a religion that implies common sense and does not believe in imposing its beliefs and culture on everyone. Every Wiccan is free to have his own perspective on the religion and practice as he wants.

In the art of witchcraft, the witches strongly believe in the principle of retribution which signifies that any harm or wrong done by you will comeback to you in consequences which will be threefold the magnitude of your actions. And they take this pretty seriously.

Wiccan and Religions

Wicca is a positive religion whose image has been marred by people for a long time now. This goes back a long time when the Churches were against the earth based beliefs of Wicca and even resorted to forcible conversion of several wiccans to Catholicism. They began to spread unpleasant facts about the witches and projected them as evil and dangerous. This was because the Churches believe in an the anthropocentric world where the Man is superior over nature and all of its other creations, whereas the Wiccans believe that man is just a part of nature and is equal to all other creatures and is no way superior to nature.

This Wiccan belief went completely against the whole basis of Christianity, and the Churches tried their best to abet the propagation of Wiccan ideals. They even resorted to the ghastly witch-hunting which is practiced even today. That is why most witches today, practice in secrecy and discreetly, though many witches are open about it.

Today, thankfully, Wicca is looked at with respect and all those who understand its simple and sensible beliefs are readily indulging in Wicca. It involves only white magic which helps heal, cure and bring about positive changes in the world. The witches tap the power of the very nature they live in and learn to live in harmony with it. It is using these forces that they assume the power of healing, warding of the negative influences and so on. They understand nature intimately and intricately and propagate how to live in harmony with Her.

Witchcraft is for the honorable and their magic pure and peaceful. People are only now realizing and appreciating this emancipated and modern religion in the truest sense which fits the ideals of a perfect religion.

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