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What is Black Magic?

by Magic Love Spells
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Because of its association with evil and with the darker spirits, many people avoid learning about black magic. But if you’re interested in spell work and in magic, you need to know about all the practices of magic – and their potential outcomes. The more you can see magic as being a multi-faceted practice, the more easily you can decide what magic speaks most to your needs at the time.

The Basics of Dark Magic

For the most part, scholars agree that black magic was first seen in the primitive religions of man. In these practices, people would try to conjure spirits and create desired outcomes based on need vers us considering the impact on others. The most widely used definition for black magic is magic that is designed to hurt others or to do things against the will of others, without regard to outcome.

There are others who define black magic as being ‘low’ magic, as the intentions of the practitioner are not as ‘high’ as though who use white magic.  But this binary of good and bad can be difficult to navigate, as what’s good to some may not be good to another.

The images of black magic being used to destroy crops and to invoke demons are found throughout literature and in the times of the witch hunts. And there are also many references to black magic regarding Satanism and devil worship, however those practices are also the opposite side of Christianity and the worship of God; this has nothing to do with Wicca.

When to use Black Magic

What’s curious about black magic is that it’s often completely dismissed as being unnecessary. But not all Wiccans feel this way. In some extreme cases, a Wiccan might want to cast a curse or a hex on someone since they are harming others or they are threatening harm to the spell caster. Is it a bad thing to try to protect others or to keep someone from doing something evil to themselves? That’s up to the spell caster to decide.

It’s good to note that nearly any spell can be written in a positive way, without causing harm to another. This isn’t to say that the spell is not going to impact another, but you can cast a white magic spell that will have the same outcome as a black magic spell.

For example, if you want to protect yourself from someone else, then you don’t need to put a curse on them. You can surround yourself with a protective light or a mirror so that the other person can’t find you.

Intent vs. Practice

If you’re not sure what magic to use or you’re not sure if what you’re doing is black or white magic, it can help to think about what your overall intention is. If you’re intending to harm someone or to do something that will make a person do something they wouldn’t normally do, then you might be using black magic.

If you’re creating a spell that will bring into your life more good things without impacting others, then you’re probably using white magic. Think about your intention first. What are you trying to do and who is going to be impacted? Once you can answer that question, you will know what magic is best – and what you might need to do to change the spell to your liking.

And remember that there are some who think the best magic is the type of magic that works – no matter if it’s black or white. In the end, it’s up to you to decide what you want, and knowing what the dangers of black magic might be can help you make the right decision.

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Odin February 16, 2018 - 7:52 pm

Magic in itself is neutral, it can be either used for smashing or for building like a hammer. Aim is what colors it. Black magic is harmful, destructive or negative whereas white magic is helpful, constructive and positive.

The definition of evil and good magic varies depending upon the observer. Black magic is performed by using magic with evil intentions and in dark ways whereas, in contrast, white magic is performed for benevolent and good reasons.

There may be reasons to use black magic spells but it’s never because they are more powerful, because they are not.


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