White Magic Breakup Spell

White Magic Breakup Spell

There are many reasons why you may need a break-up spell.  Third parties can often create huge problems for you and your partner.  Between negative emotions such as anger and jealousy coupled with serious situations and a lack of communication, great relationships can turn disastrous.  It is truly sad to see such a great couple become ruined because of petty arguments and third parties.  When utilize the powers of a white magic break-up spell, there is no need to have such arguments or think that your partner will ever leave you.  Try out this break-up spell and see it come into effect.

This spell will allow you to use the power of magic to end a relationship when a situation is unhealthy.  Just as we might prune dead wood from a tree, it is sometimes necessary to prune unhealthy or negative relationships.  You can maximize the power of this white magic spell by channeling your own vision and the power of the dark or waning moon to undo a negative or hurtful relationship.

Things You’ll need for the Spell

  • 1 black candle that is thick enough to inscribe
  • Matches (made out of wood)
  • toothpick
  • 1 piece of parchment paper
  • 1 pencil

How to Cast the White Magic Breakup Spell

Inscribe the black candle with the couples names candle.

Light the black candle with a wooden match (not a lighter)

For the next 30 minutes focus on the candle as it burns. Visualizing the situation and how much you want the couple to separate and to break up. Take the pencil and draw 3 triangles on it. Take the black candle and drop wax on the triangles while you are visualizing and focusing on their break-up. Once you have covered the triangle with wax blow off the black candle.

Repeat for 7 days using the same piece of parchment paper but drawing new triangles on it during each ritual session.

Let the candles burn itself out after the 7th and final ritual.

Hide the parchment paper at a safe place where nobody can ever find it.

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