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White Magic Passion Spell

Sometimes a love relationship will lose its spark. This happens when two people have been together for a while. You get comfortable and then you fall into a rut. This is perfectly normal but not much fun. Passion is part of the reason the two of you got together in the beginning and may just need to be rekindled again. You can use this White Magic Passion Spell to find that lost passion for each other.

A lot of factors can cause strain on a relationship and in turn can cause sex and lust to disappear. This causes even more stress between a couple and if there is no passionate affection this takes it to a whole new level of stress. All of these factors and many more can cause distance and an emotional distance between the couple.

Things You’ll need for the Passion Spell

  • 2 red candles
  • Jasmine essential oil or incense
  • Wooden bowl
  • 2 cups rose petals
  • ½ cup of dried orange peels
  • Symbols of passion (massage oil, pictures of couples in intimate situations)
  • Best Time: This spell is best cast on a Friday during the full or new moon.

How to Cast the White Magic Passion Spell

Prepare yourself first by bathing and dressing in a sensual fashion.

Cast your circle and invite the quarters. 

If you are using essential oil, anoint the candle by rubbing the oil from the center to the ends. Place the candles on either side of your altar and light them. If using incense, place to the right side of the altar and light it.

Place the symbols of intimacy on your altar between the candles.

Mix the rose petals and orange peel in the wooden bowl. Inhale the fragrance and visualize the type of passion you want in your relationship.

When you are ready repeat the incantation:

Magic of the sensual kind

I summon now to be my own

Melding body, melding mind

A quiet time for us alone.

Let us join in passion’s dance

A moment out of life’s fast pace

A kiss, a touch, a loving glance

Each other’s arms a sacred space.

Grant us intimacy filled with love

Bless us with a shared desire

As below and so above

Rekindle now our passion’s fire.

Thank the quarters and close the circle.

Allow the candles and incense to burn out in a safe place. Hide the enchanted rose petals under your bed.

How the White Magic Passion Spell can help you

Envision your lover’s passion rising up to match and mirror your own deepest, wildest desires.  Ask the higher powers to help you to cast off any inhibitions that have prevented you from freely expressing your lust in the past.  As long as you are not attempting to use white magic in a manipulative or hurtful manner, or to stir up lust in someone who is not a suitable partner, then this white magic passion spell can help you to heighten your partner’s lust as well as your own.  This passion spell can help you to create a heightened love bond in your most important romantic relationship.

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