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White Magic Spell to Find a True Love

by Magic Love Spells
White Magic True Love Spell

Marriages are to be made in Heaven. That is probably why we all search for soul-mates and life partners and not just a “husband” or a “wife”. True love lasts for eternity. Well, every time you fall in love that is what you think and feel, until you break-up that is! And then the search begins afresh again. But how will you know where or who your true love is. Surely true love cannot be a trial and error method; after all it is your heart, your emotions and your life that you are putting at stake. Fortunately for lesser mortals like us, there are love spells for finding true love. When you use this White Magic Spell to Find true Love you will work with the power of your mind in concert with the elemental forces found in Nature to bring about positive changes in your own life and the lives of others.

Things You’ll need for the White Magic Spell to Find true Love

  • Pink candle
  • Plate
  • Rose petals or rosebuds
  • Piece of rose quartz or amethyst
  • Scrying mirror or dark bowl filled with water

How to Cast the White Magic Spell to Find true Love

First prepare yourself. You should make yourself look as attractive as possible. Shower and do your hair and makeup. Pretend that you are getting ready to go on that first date.

Take all of the ingredients outside with you. Now, cast your circle and call the quarters.

Place the pink candle on the plate and place the rose petals or rosebuds around the candle.

Hold the gemstone in your hands. Close your eyes and visualize yourself happy and loved. Focus on what it would feel like to be held by your perfect partner. Try to actually feel their arms around you.

Open your eyes and light the candle. Repeat the following chant:

Someplace where I cannot see

Lives the one who’s right for me

Long I’ve waited, long I’ve yearned

As hours passed and seasons turned.

In this time and in this space

I ask to see my lover’s face

Send to me the match that’s true

Or bring me where I’ll catch his/her view

Attract to me the love that’s meant

The person who is heaven-sent

For good of all and with free will

My wish for love I now fulfill.

Use the scrying mirror or bowl of water and concentrate to see if you see the face of the one who is meant for you.

Coven Tips for the White Magic Spell for True Love

White Magic utilizes deep meditation and visualization exercises, in combination with powerful herbs, gems, and candles, to move the flow of universal energy in a direction that is favorable for your purposes.  Spells and rituals are not all that there is to White Magic, however.  They function much as prayer functions in Christianity.

Casting love spells can be tricky. You should never cast a spell on a particular person. You may make them fall for you but this can actually cause you more problems in the long run. Many times someone thinks they have to have a certain person and a love spell can work. The problems come when you decide later this person is not for you. Breaking a love spell can be difficult. You are better off casting a spell to bring love into your life. When you do, the Universe will send you the person that is right for you and you will not be interfering with anyone’s free will. 

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