Introduction to Witchcraft

Introduction to Witchcraft

The term “witchcraft” brings to mind a distorted image of black or dark magic being performed with a cauldron of boiling liquid spurting hot drops at you, a human skull by its side and a witch evoking sparks from her wand and such other things. All that is simply hogwash.

You would be pleasantly surprised to know that witchcraft developed from a neo pagan religion of Wicca which is a very peaceful and an earth-based religion that reveres nature and considers all of nature’s creations divine and strives to protect nature from all harm. The practitioners of the Wiccan religion are known as witches. Wicca is a religion just like any other religion that we practice today such as Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Buddhism, Hinduism to name a few. Even they have their set of beliefs and rituals and worship their Gods. Magic is not the whole and sole of this religion, just a part of it. That is why not all wiccans are witches. But, for them, magic is nothing of a supernatural stature; it is a way of life for them.

Witchcraft and Wiccans

Through witchcraft the wiccans aim of serving the earth and serving here does not mean merely praying and chanting incantations. They go all out in protecting the animals, recycling, resorting to eco-friendly means to combat pollution and so on. It is a religion that implies common sense and does not believe in imposing its beliefs and culture on everyone. Every Wiccan is free to have his own perspective on the religion and practice as he wants.

In the art of witchcraft, the witches strongly believe in the principle of retribution which signifies that any harm or wrong done by you will comeback to you in consequences which will be threefold the magnitude of your actions. And they take this pretty seriously.

Wiccan and Religions

Wicca is a positive religion whose image has been marred by people for a long time now. This goes back a long time when the Churches were against the earth based beliefs of Wicca and even resorted to forcible conversion of several wiccans to Catholicism. They began to spread unpleasant facts about the witches and projected them as evil and dangerous. This was because the Churches believe in an the anthropocentric world where the Man is superior over nature and all of its other creations, whereas the Wiccans believe that man is just a part of nature and is equal to all other creatures and is no way superior to nature.

This Wiccan belief went completely against the whole basis of Christianity, and the Churches tried their best to abet the propagation of Wiccan ideals. They even resorted to the ghastly witch-hunting which is practiced even today. That is why most witches today, practice in secrecy and discreetly, though many witches are open about it.

Today, thankfully, Wicca is looked at with respect and all those who understand its simple and sensible beliefs are readily indulging in Wicca. It involves only white magic which helps heal, cure and bring about positive changes in the world. The witches tap the power of the very nature they live in and learn to live in harmony with it. It is using these forces that they assume the power of healing, warding of the negative influences and so on. They understand nature intimately and intricately and propagate how to live in harmony with Her.

Witchcraft is for the honorable and their magic pure and peaceful. People are only now realizing and appreciating this emancipated and modern religion in the truest sense which fits the ideals of a perfect religion.

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