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Your Belief in the Magic You Are Working

by Magic Love Spells
Believing in Magic

Believing in the magic you are working is not just some simple advice, it is critical to the outcome of your magic. For years, people have tried to discredit magic simply by trying some off the wall spell with the wrong supplies and some gibberish, followed by a blank manifestation of nothing for them to say it doesn’t work. Well, in that case it doesn’t and that type of magic doesn’t exist. The type of magic that does exist is the type you believe in and has a lot to do with the Occult so the first place you should start is with research of the Occult. This can wake you up to age old beliefs, the origination, what makes it work, etc. It can also involve delving deep into other practices such as black magic, hoodoo, voodoo etc.

How your Belief adds Potency to a Spell

When you believe in anything you do, whether a basic job function or a religious act, you will find that you are quite successful in accomplishing your goal. Why is this? Well, as we believe, we provide an extra component of will into our magic which elevates the potency and allows the manifestation to take on the form of the results we seek, or somewhat similar depending on our personal strength in magic. When working magic with disbelief in the back of your mind, you will find yourself not into the actual spell or ritual leaving the atmosphere feeling void and without the energy that is needed to bring forth your manifestations.

Why you should not dabble in Magic if you can’t believe in it

If you cannot believe in magic, you must not dabble in it. When your mind is not open to the essence of the magic you are working, the psychic energies are left out and what is left is a placid attempt to perform some sort of spell or ritual, ending up quite comical. If you base your belief on the outcomes, you are already taking the wrong approach because, as stated before, you must believe to achieve. When the mind is not perceptive to the workings of magic, you are not able to practice properly, leaving you without the magical energies and with a bunch of useless information, materials, etc.

Being Receptive to the Magical Flow of Energy

You may be wondering how you are supposed to believe and you should believe with all your heart. Just as you would believe in any religious activity, you should believe in the magic you produce. It is stated about Hoodoo that if you don’t believe, you cannot be affected, and this is maybe mostly because your mind is not open to the energies that must enter you for the hoodoo to work. This is quite the same for any magic; however it mainly applies to the practitioner. If you begin to dabble without the belief, the energies are not able to enter your aura and you are left with a void of magic, however an open door for undesirable magic to be put onto you without you being the wiser.

When you believe in the magic you are working, you will find that you are quite receptive to the magical flow of energy and your spells are quite potent. You will also find yourself in tune with the magic you are working, with greater ease and openness to your practice. There will be a new world open to you that seems to bring forth feelings that have never before been felt, with your aura aglow with energy that you are continuing to improve and increase. You will find yourself becoming more content and more successful in both your life and your magic, allowing you to be the practitioner you wish to be.

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