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Black Magic Sexual Attraction Spell

by Magic Love Spells
Black Magic Sex Spell

Black magic uses coercion and manipulation to bring about a desired result.  More often than not, however, the use of dark energy causes more harm than good.  Before using this sexual attraction spell please make sure that your intentions are good, otherwise using dark magic can cause unintended or unforeseen harm to you or your loved ones. However, if you feel that you have exhausted all other possibilities and you are still not seeing the results that you wish for in a particular situation, you may think that black magic is the only solution that remains to you.  If you must resort to it, please realize that once you have unleashed the dark powers associated with this type of magic, there is no going back.

If you are aware of all of this, and you still feel that you want to proceed, then you can use this black magic sexual attraction spell to make a partner desire you.  Whether you want to excite lust in an existing partner or cause someone new to lust after you, this spell may be able to help you.  As long as you are fully aware of the numerous dangers associated with dark magic and you are willing to accept the possible risks to yourself and those you love, you can try this black magic lust spell when all other attempts at inciting a partner’s lust have failed. Just be prepared to deal with the risks this entails.

Things You’ll need for the Sexual Attraction Spells

  • 2 red candles
  • 1 black candle
  • Ginger oil
  • Sterile needle
  • 3 drops of your blood
  • Your Semen or Vaginal Mucus (requires advance preparation)
  • String, yarn or thread
  • Matches (made out of wood)
  • Picture of the target of the spell
  • Sheet of Paper
  • Pin or needle

How to Cast the Black Magic Sexual Attraction Spell

Cast your circle.

Take the pin and engrave the Sigil of Demon Bornogo into the black candle. Then anoint all 3 candles with the ginger oil.

Sigil Demon Bornogo

Sigil Demon Bornogo

Place the black candle on your altar, and put the first red candles to the left of the black candle, and the second red candle to the right. Light the black candle with the match, then light the red candles with the flame of the black candle.

Put the parchment paper in front of the candles and place the target’s picture on top of it.

Sprinkle some Ginger oil for control onto the picture. Then focus on your wishes and visualize what you want to happen. Take the black candle and drip 3 drops of wax onto the picture, then say:

Bebitalo Stakaki Kek Kek Kek

Repeat with both of the red candles and say the incantation after you dripped the wax on the picture.

Next, put the cotton ball that you have prepared in advance and contains either your semen or vaginal mucus on top of the picture. Now prick your finger with the sterile needle and add your blood. Your bodily fluids add a great deal of potency to the spell.

Now take the black candle again and drip 3 drops of wax onto the picture, then say:

Bebitalo Stakaki Kek Kek Kek

Repeat with both of the red candles and say the incantation after you dripped the wax on the picture.

Wrap all the contents into the parchment paper and tie it closed with the string.

Place the package in front of the candles and let them burn out. Then bury the package next to a tree.

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Claude King April 5, 2018 - 5:05 pm

Madly in love with this woman how can I get her to lust after me

Andrea Lynn Catt May 19, 2018 - 5:35 pm

What risks?

Shonte Thompson July 18, 2018 - 6:24 pm

I need this to happen and to work. I want his lust and obsession. I want what he has done to me to come back to him. To not be used by him any longer.


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