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Break Up a Couple Spell 

by Magic Love Spells
Spell to Break up a Couple

Sometimes, despite the love you feel, your relationship may feel like it’s being attacked.  There might be someone who is trying to steal away your partner, causing your love to be weakened.  With a spell to break up a couple, you can begin to remove that offending party from your relationship and restore the love which you and your partner share.  By ending the infidelity, you are bolstering the idea of love, which supports the idea of harming none when you are working spells.  This break up spell is designed to help restore true relationships and to end those which should not be occurring in the first place.

Ingredients for the Break Up a Couple Spell

  • Pyrex Dish
  • Crossing Oil
  • 2 Black Candles
  • 1 Pink Candle
  • Picture of the Couple
  • Exacto Knife
  • Black Muslin Bag
  • Salt

Crossing Oil: You must mix an equal amount of Pepperwort and Wormwood together the take two tablespoons of this mixture and mix it into two ounces of oil. Once you have done this add a small piece of ground-ivy root to the mixture

How to perform the Break up a Couple Spell

This spell must be done during a Waxing Moon while on a Saturday

Cast your circle and create an outline with the salt. Anoint all the candles with the crossing oil. Engrave both of the people’s names that you wish to break up into the black candles. Carve the names in the pink candle as well, and also carve a reversed Berkana Rune Symbol to create discord into it.  Place the candles in an upside down triangle with the two black candles at the top points and the pink candle at the bottom point. Now light the candles.

Sit down within the circle and enter a deep meditative state. You need to visualize both the people who make up the couple. You need to be able to picture both of their faces in full. Then see them together, see them embracing in a passionate moment, see them hugging and kissing. Once you have done this then you need to see the love break and evaporate; watching as their relationship ends. Visualize how you want it to end with them fighting and watch the couple separate and ultimately go away from each other. Just keep in mind of the threefold law that many believe in.

Once you have envisioned this take the Pyrex dish and place it in front of the candles. Then take the couple’s photo and place it within the flame of the pink couples candle, lighting the picture on fire.

As you light the photo say the following:

Consequences mean nothing to me

This couple is no more as I will it to be

This is my wish so mote it be

I accept my fate three by three

Once you have lit the photo on fire and have said the words, place the picture in the Pyrex dish to burn. Once the photo has turned to ash take the crossing oil and squeeze 9 drops of the crossing oil mixing it with the “couples” ashes. Scoop up the ashes and put them in the black muslin bag

Let all remaining candles burn down completely on their own. Once they melt down take the wax from the black candles and place it in the bag. You must then bury the muslin bag deep in the earth but it must be at least a mile from your house.

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