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How to Make and Charge a Talisman – Easy Step by Step Instructions

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Charging a Talisman

Some people like to carry magic with them. While traditional spells are helpful to them, they might also want to have something concrete to remind them of their intentions and of the energy they want to have in their life. By learning how to charge a talisman, you can begin to infuse all of the items you own with certain energies for certain situations and events. This magical working will allow you to carry your magic with you, even when you are in difficult situations.

Since you can’t always cast a spell in the middle of a meeting, charging a talisman can be a better option for your needs. By carrying an item with you, you will be able to have that spell’s energy, though you don’t need to say a word. You don’t even need to tell anyone that you have a talisman. You can keep it a secret and use it whenever you feel you need an extra boost in your life. And, you might find, over time, that you are only charging a talisman for special situations since you have learned how to harness the energy inside yourself too. You can be your own talisman as well.

What is a Talisman?

A talisman is a trinket, amulet or a piece of jewelry used to protect or to draw love, health, money, and prosperity to you. Considered sacred as they are charged with the power of the waxing moon, talismans become magical tools that generate positive energies that attract that which is desired. From the Greek word teleo, talisman has its roots in the word “consecrate” which means charged. Depending on the time the talisman is made and charged, it has a corresponding amount of energy that it could lend in spell work, rituals and magic ceremonies to make it successful.

DividerThe Charging Process of a Talisman

Charging of a talisman is a very detailed ritual that you need to time correctly. That’s why it is important that you create the talisman at a time that correspondences with your wishes and goals. Please refer to our Spell Timing article to find the best time. By connecting it with the universal forces, the more potency your talisman has to make your wishes come true.

What you will need to charge the Talisman

You will need a candle in the color that symbolizes your desire, for example, a pink candle of your intent is to attract love. In addition you also need a stick of incense, again, in a scent corresponding to what you desire to attract. You have to have a glass of water, a white cloth on a table, a pinch of salt.

How to Charge the Talisman

In a quiet room, put your candle in the center of the table draped with the white cloth. Light the candle and the stick of incense. Place the glass of water, the salt and the talisman on the table in front of the candle. Close your eyes and meditate on what you want your talisman to achieve for you. Visualize every detail of your wish, be specific, see the wish coming into fruition. For example, if your talisman is for attracting love, see in your mind’s eye that you’re becoming open to love. Visualize how you become more attractive, getting the attention of a worthy person and being in a loving relationship.

Sprinkle the salt slowly into the glass of water and imagine the water being filled with a golden light.  Say that the salt is consecrating the water and that whatever it touches be blessed with light.  Sprinkle a drop of water onto the talisman. While doing so say out loud:

Whit this sacred water I consecrate the Talisman and charge it with [enter purpose].

Pass the talisman through the smoke of the incense and say:

With the burning incense I cleanse the talisman and charge it with [enter purpose].

Lastly, pass the talisman through the flame of the candle and say:

With the sacred flame I purify the talisman and charge it with [enter purpose].

Final Steps

Hold the talisman with your right hand and imagine a ball of white light radiating in all directions.  With your energy focused on this ball, imagine the white light pouring over your head and flowing down your whole body.  You are strengthened by this light and see a golden light move from your body to your talisman.   Visualize the scenario of your talisman working its magic and making your wish come true.

Your talisman has now been charged and is ready for use.

DividerHow to Use your Charged Talisman

You can either wear your talisman or hide it in your bedroom. You can also keep them in a leather pouch and and wear or carry it in your pocket. On the days you do not want to use it keep it in a wooden box and set it on your altar. The use of a talisman is recommended by witches and is most often used as a form of protection. It’s also the perfect gift for the people you love. Some do not realize it but they call a talisman lucky charms. Whatever you name it, using the power of a talisman can help you in your day to day living. A trinket that can make your heart’s wish come true is something you should hold on to every single day.

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