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Obeah Love Spells – How to Use them and make them work

by Magic Love Spells
Obeah Love Spell

Even the best of relationships can have troubles. And, sometimes, a touch of a love spell certainly wouldn’t hurt the situation! Obeah Love Spells are complex to cast, but a powerful and effective way to solve complicated love-related problems. Obeah is closely linked to Voodoo, but it is less popular than the latter.  Both originate from Africa, but Obeah does not carry the negative perception of that of Voodoo.

Obeah is considered as both white and black magic. It is known to be a form of folk magic that was derived from Central and West African traditions with strong Christian influences. The name Obeah is notably referred to as spirit, it also denotes physical objects such as talismans and charms used by the Obeah-men or Obeah-women.

What Obeah Love Spells can Do for You

When cast by a skilled practitioner, Obeah spells are considered very powerful.  They should never be taken lightly as the power of the spell is nothing to be trifled with.  You should turn to Obeah only if you have great need and desire to see something happen to your advantage, and only when you have exhausted all other options and are prepared for a successful spell that you must deal with when the spell comes true.

Obeah love spells work especially well on reuniting couples and fixing a broken relationship. It is said that the spell is meant to restore previous emotions of love and connection. It will also eliminate negative emotions that may have led to indifference and separation. The benefits of this type of love spell are to drive commitment once again, win back lost love, and have both parties desire to mend the broken relationship. Some even say that Obeah spells are stronger than ones free will. They not only revive old emotions and cooperation, they also instill the strong wish and desire to reconcile and iron out problems.

Obeah love spells can last a lifetime so you need to be very sure of your intentions.  If you change your mind later, you will need to do another spell to break the love spell and to push the person away from you.

What Makes Obeah Spells so Powerful

The West Indies, Jamaica and Trinidad-Tobago are steeped in the magic and wonder of Obeah, a form of Voodoo that is incredibly strong. These regions have developed Obeah love spells over the years that are extremely powerful and binding. If you have lost hope that your personal life can ever be fulfilling or happy, you should try one of the many powerful and concentrated Obeah spells that are now available.

The strength of Obeah comes in part from the intense training of Obeah spell casters. Because any spell cast using Obeah magic calls on certain spirits, called Orishas and Deities, in order to harness and direct their power. No one should try Obeah magic who isn’t thoroughly trained and familiar with the many aspects of each spirit’s value and tendencies. Misuse or mis-casting of Obeah love spells can cause the spells to backfire.

Obeah draws its power from its personal and unique nature. That is why; the ingredients that go into one person’s love spell may not be the same for another. Moreover, there are different spells for different purposes. For instance the spell for finding a soul mate is not the same as that for making a past lover come back to you. Obeah is known to be the purest and the most sacred form of magic and it comes from invoking the spirits of the dead and the powers of the Deities and Orishas. The Obeah-man or Obeah-woman will call upon the spirits of dead ancestors especially those who loved and cared for you in the past and they in turn will help you find your love in the present time.


Easy Obeah Love Spell for you to Cast

One spell that works involves you taking a shower without soap, taking care to wash your face seven times.  Wipe from your chin to the back of your head and dry off carefully.  You should only wear white clothing without any jewelry.

Think about your loved one and concentrate on the future you and the other person will have together.  Make sure the phone is turned off and you have no distractions.  You need many ingredients, including seven rose petals, seven drops of rose oil, seven seed kernels, a stone from their garden or near their house, a ring of silver or non-gold metal, seven of your plucked hairs, a plant leaf, a thin rope or thread, thin paper or cloth bag and a flower-pot with some dirt.  Have a picture of the person and an item they have touched.

Roll the hairs in into the leaf.  Tie it up with the string.  Put the item in a paper or cloth bag.  Put the seven rose petals on top and the picture of the person.  Atop that, put the item they have touched and the stone from their garden.  Close the bag so nothing can fall out and put the bag in the flower-pot.  Cover it with dirt and plant the seeds in the dirt.  Drip the rose oil on the dirt and place the pot in the sun.  Water it seven times per week and when the plant begins to grow your lover will come to you.


Obeah Spell to Make Someone Fall in Love with You

When you walk into the room, your lover will turn to look at you.  You will become the object of his or her desire once the potent energies of this spell have been released.

First practiced in west and central Africa, Obeah is a powerful spiritual and magical path that still has much to offer.  Today, Obeah thrives in the Caribbean, where it has flourished since it first arrived with captives brought to this region during the international slave trade.

Things You’ll need for the Spell

  • A picture of your lover or something your Lover has touched. Examples: piece of paper, a piece of clothing, a pen, etc.
  • A Picture of You
  • A Piece of Parchment Paper
  • A piece of black yarn
  • A pink candle
  • 1 toothpick

This ancient spell has been passed down over centuries and has been proven to be one of the most effective Obeah spells you can find make someone fall deeply in love with you.

How to Cast the Obeah Spell to Make Someone Fall in Love

With a tooth pick engrave your name as well as your lover’s name into the candle wax.

Light the Candle, hold your hands over the flame and repeat the following chant 3 times:

Stepitali Melutasi Rabubo Ro Ro (name of your lover) Stepitali Melutasi Rabubo Balika Ro Ro (your name) Hambuta Salika Te Te

With a pencil write your lover’s name as well as your name on the parchment paper. Drop the wax onto your name as well as your lover’s name until both names are completely covered by wax.

Take your lover’s picture (or the item your lover has touched), your picture and wrap it in the parchment paper.

Tie the yarn around it. Let the candle burn itself out.

Put the package under the bed and leave it there until your lover has fallen in love with you.

Once you are happy in love, burn the package.


Obeah Love Spell to Find True Love

This Obeah spell can lead you to true love.  Its purpose is to draw your ideal lover to you, and replace any negativity that may be hindering you from attracting the true love that you desire with the positive energies that will make this desire a reality.  Obeah rituals can seem complicated to the uninitiated, as they utilize a complex combination of chants, spells, charms, Shamanistic tools and talismans to achieve a desired magical end.

If you know that your true love is out there but you can’t seem to find him or her, you can do this Obeah love spell on your own or have an Obeah-man do the spell for you if you’re unsure of your abilities. Most spells need the confidence of the person doing them so you be the judge of what kind of spell you can do. Finding a true love is not just luck or good fortune. You can alter that good fortune by performing the spell as noted below:

How to Prepare for the Spell

You need to prepare for the spell or ritual. You need to take a shower without soap and you need to wash your face seven times, wiping from the chin all the way to the back of your head. Dry yourself off carefully and put on only white clothing. Take off any jewelry you might have on.

What you will need for the Ritual

Prepare the following items and think about your desired loved one while gathering the items. Imagine what a great future you two will have when you find each other. Make sure you shut off the phone and are uninterrupted during the spell. Avoid negative feelings and thoughts.

Gather together thirteen feathers from a white dove, 13 hairs you have plucked out, one fly, a raw egg, a syringe, a green candle, ten teaspoons of green ink and a teaspoon each of rose oil and jasmine oil. Choose a small mint leaf from your garden or terrace.

Spell Casting Instructions

In order to cast the spell, you need to light the green candle and tear up the mint leaf into seven pieces. Take the raw egg and blow it out by piercing it with a needle on the top and bottom of the egg and blowing the contents out of the egg. Seal one end of the egg with the candle wax. Mix together the mint leaf pieces, the green ink, the rose oil and the jasmine oil.

Inject the solution into the remaining hole in the egg. Seal up the second hole with the candle wax. You need to bury it at an address of 3, 13, or 33. Dig a hole about four inches deep and bury three feathers and the fly in it. Cover the hole. Walk seven steps and dig another hole.

Put the remaining ten feathers into the hole. Put the egg atop the feathers and cover the egg with the thirteen plucked hairs. Close up the hole you have dug. Step back six steps and jump over the first hole that was dug. Keep walking and do not turn around. Forget all you have done and don’t tell anyone what it is you did during the spell casting.

You should have your true love appear very soon and you will be happy forever.

This is just one of the Obeah love spells that works. Try it and feel the power of the spell.


Spell Casters Carefully Control Obeah Love Spells

Fortunately, many of today’s best spell casters have rediscovered the power of Obeah for good. They have spent many years studying the many crucial elements of Obeah magic. It is one of the most focused applications of Occult power known to man and takes dedication, understanding and a strong tie to the spiritual realm.

While there are many black magic versions of Obeah, this amazing form of spirituality, which is closely connected to the earth and its powers, can also be used to re-ignite lost passions, reinforce love relationships and clear the path for you if you are pursuing someone special. The key is properly invoking the deities and gain their favor to work for your interests. Spell casters who understand the complexity and careful balance of the spirit world can use Obeah love spells on your behalf to get you exactly what you want.

No Turning Back with Obeah Love Spells

Be sure you know what you really, truly want before using any of the Obeah love spells. These are some of the most powerful, overwhelming spells in the world; don’t call on them unless you are sure that you are asking for what you truly want. Once a spell caster gathers the needed materials and begins the spell, there is not turning back – you will gain the love you seek, bind that person’s love to you or move into an important new chapter in your love life within a few weeks of having the spell cast in most cases! Prepare yourself for overwhelming love and the chance to be swept away by passion and a spiritual connection you’ve never experienced before!

Obeah love spells use magical elements of the earth along with talismans and secret, magically powerful words used in combination in ancient Obeah rituals. Many of the elements needed are difficult to obtain and require ritualistic cleansing and blessing; proper preparation is an absolute must and is why Obeah love spells should be performed by experts. Because the right spell casters have harnessed the potent forces of a spiritual realm that has been recognized by a very few for thousands of year, they also know how to use the power of the Deities and working spirits to influence our lives every day.

If all other avenues have failed and you are certain of what you want, Obeah may be the powerful, mystical boost that you need. These spells have been used in the Caribbean, West Indies and secretly in the United States for hundreds, even thousands, of years with amazing results! Discover the incredible secret of Caribbean magic with Obeah love spells.

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Magic Love Spells February 6, 2018 - 8:09 pm

Burn the package until only ashes are left. Most of the time the package won’t fully turn into ashes and you will have have to burn it again. What’s important for the love spell is that the package turns into ashes.

Anon February 8, 2018 - 11:50 pm

What if I dont have parchment paper? What will be a good substitute?

yesenia August 10, 2018 - 11:10 am

ANON, Plain brown paper bag.

Magic Love Spells January 20, 2019 - 7:45 pm

You can also substitute parchment paper with parchment paper that is commonly used for baking.

Amit March 25, 2018 - 1:25 pm

What to do if I cant find parchment paper???

yesenia August 10, 2018 - 11:08 am

AMIT, I will reply since the author won’t. A good substitute for parchment paper is plain brown paper bag. Some say it should be torn, not cut, to an appropriate size. I never found that part to matter.

vivicia April 1, 2018 - 7:44 pm

What if both of you live in diffrent houses and he visits sometimes?

yesenia August 10, 2018 - 11:12 am

VIVICIA, Don’t let him see or know about it. If your POI (person of interest) happens to visit when the candle is burning, carefully place the candle and spell inside your oven to conceal it from him but allow it to continue to burn.

BEA April 10, 2018 - 7:19 am

Can I use any tooth pick?

yesenia August 10, 2018 - 11:10 am

BEA, I believe the author means a wooden toothpick, not plastic. 🙂

Vic April 23, 2018 - 10:01 am

I don’t know if this means anything but I performed the spell and when I burnt the package a heart shape remnant came out of it. I’m hoping that’s a good sign.

Magic Love Spells January 20, 2019 - 7:46 pm

Yes, this is an extremely good sign!

yesenia August 10, 2018 - 11:15 am

Another acceptable substitution is black thread in case it’s easier than finding yarn.

Maggie January 11, 2019 - 6:16 pm

Ok so, instead of a tooth pick can I use something like wooden that gets the stuff from under your nails off? and can I use a white candle? and lastly what do you do if the candle burns out by accident and do you have to burn the pictures or can you do something else?

Magic Love Spells January 20, 2019 - 7:41 pm

You can use any other tool, such as athame, a knife, exacto knife, or anything else that gets the job done. It is recommended not to substitute candle colors or instructions.

Maria February 23, 2019 - 11:50 am

If the candle burns out accidentally when pouring the wax. Can you re-light it and let it burn out on its own?

Magic Love Spells February 23, 2019 - 9:43 pm

Yes, just relight it and then let it burn out!


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