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Return Lost Lover Spells and How to Make them Work

by Magic Love Spells
Return Lost Lover Spells

So, are you feeling heart-broken over the love lost in your relationship? Has your lover left you for someone else? Feeling desperate to win him back into your life and restart your relationship with more vigor and a better understanding? Well, the answers to this and much more are available if you believe in the power of magic love spells to assist you to reunite with your lover.

Win your Lover Back

The positive energies that are created as a result of casting powerful spells will have the ability to penetrative a person’s heart and invoke true feelings for his or her ex-partner. There is no doubt that these rituals can be highly effective if carried out correctly. Always keep in mind that the intentions behind casting spells to return a lover should be pure and should not result in negativity.

How a Spell works to Bring Back Lost Love

Every ritual demands you to be fully aware of your deep desire to win him or her back and move with the sheer intention of reuniting with your lost love. Sometimes the healing of a deep wound may seem to be an impossible task to you; but believe in the power of the rituals to restore your lost love. Recognize the potential of your long-lasting love and work to maintain the beauty and strength of it. Irrespective of how deep the wound is, or whether the split was recent or quite old, the spell to return a lost lover moves with the intention of reuniting lovers, offering them a second chance to restore their love of the past.

Always remember that love is eternal; so never fail to hope for the best of it, whatever the past holds for you. While performing the ritual, remove any negative feelings of grudge you may have for your lost love. The steps recited must be followed without any kind of interruptions from the outside world. Concentrate in the power and strength of the spell to return your lost love and on a brighter future.

Choosing the right Ritual for your Case

The ritual may vary with the cause of the break-up. You can use the love spell to win back the ex-partner, return a lost lover, reunite with him, to eliminate competition and lot more. The reuniting love spell works on attracting the lost love, fixing a broken relationship, stop separation or divorce, get rid of competition, save marriage and even to attract ex-partner.

The magic of the spell restores the romance by removing the negative energy surrounding your relationship that may take the shape of grudge, resentment or anger. It casts the spell on the mind of the old lover by opening his heart to the new opportunities and by getting rid of the heartache of the past. The positive energy exuded by the spell reignites the love he had once felt for you and makes him come back to you.


Easy Witchcraft Spell to Bring back a Lost Lover

Casting witchcraft spells to reunite lovers is both a complex and powerful process.  There are those within the witchcraft community who insist that only a specially trained practitioner of this art should be permitted to cast these spells.  Others, however, claim that such magic should be available to all.  Whatever side of this debate you find yourself agreeing with, you can still use this Witchcraft spell to return a lost lover to your side.  When performed correctly, this spell can be a powerful tool to bring back your ex.

The importance of the lunar phases in this witchcraft spell cannot be overestimated.  The power of the moon is embodied in the form of the Triple Goddess of the full, waxing, and waning moon, one of the primary deities.  Her consort, the Horned God, holds sway over all animal life, death, and the sun.  This spell channels the powers of both the natural and the supernatural world.

Things You’ll need for the Spell  to Bring Back a Lost Lover

  • Golden Candle
  • Blue Candle
  • Pink Candle
  • Matches
  • Vanilla Incense
  • Key
  • Garnet
  • Heart cut out of cardboard or construction paper
  • Sheet of Paper
  • 2 red roses
  • Red Ribbon
  • Pen or Marker with red ink
  • Best day to cast the spell: Friday in the waxing moon phase

How to Cast the Spell to Return a Lover

Cleanse and Consecrate the Candles (How-to).

Arrange the candles in a triangle fashion as shown in the diagram. Light your candles in the following order: gold, pink, blue with one single match, then light the incense with a new match.

Write your lost partner’s name on the heart, and your name right next to it. Place the heart in the center of the triangle and put the key on top of it. Then add the two roses and the garnet stone.

Bring back Lover Diagram



Put the sheet of paper in front of you. Write your lost lover’s name on it, and your name underneath. Draw one heart around both names. Now, open your mind and spirit for the spell. Take the golden candle and drip some wax on top of the names, then repeat with the pink candle and blue candle. While dripping the wax communicate your wishes to the universe. Raise as much energy as possible.

Next, take one of the roses and pull off one petal at time, put it on top the paper, repeat with the second rose. During this stage it is of utmost important that you visualize the reunification of you and your lost partner. Think positive thoughts and build up as much energy as possible.

Now add the key and the heart and put both on top of the rose petals. Drip some wax from the pink candle on it, then wrap the contents in the paper and close it with the ribbon.

Put the package in the center of the triangle and place the garnet stone on top of it.

Chant the following:

With all the powers from above

Come back to me my love

With all the powers of God Thor

Open your heart for me once more

Love me deep from the heart

We shall never part

Love me deep from the soul

Our union shall be whole

With all the powers from above

Come back to me my love

With all the powers of God Thor

Open your heart for me once more

Let the candles burn out, then hide the package in your bedroom until your lover returns. When what you have called comes to you, be sure to thank Divinity and God Thor. Return the package to nature by burying in the ground in a very sunny spot.


Voodoo Spell to Return a Lost Lover

The magic in this Voodoo Spell to Return a Lost Love helps to bring the love you began with into the heart of your lover, allowing those feelings to be reignited and true once more.

Voodoo is a potent magical and spiritual path for many throughout the world.  For many people, Voodoo is a valued way of life.  You, too, can make use of the power offered by this ancient religion to change your life for the better.

Although you may believe that you require a long and complicated list of ingredients if you wish to perform an effective Voodoo love spell or ritual, this is not necessarily the case.  So if your lover has left you and you would like to use this Voodoo spell to return a lover to draw your partner back into your arms, you may do so even if you lack the magical ingredients listed above.

How Voodoo Works

Voodoo works by harnessing the universal energies that surround us, and you can harness these energies by concentrating your own will on a desired outcome.  Even without the props that we normally associate with this type of magic, you can effectively perform a successful Voodoo spell.   If you truly want your lover to return to you, follow the steps listed in this spell and be sure to imbue them with the power of your focused visualization.

Things You’ll need for the Spell:

  • Cinnamon Incense
  • 6 small red candles
  • Piece of Paper
  • Pen
  • 2 silver coins or dimes
  • Your lost partner’s left sock (worn) or any other personal item the partner has worn or touched
  • Jar with a lid
  • 1 cup of soil from a shady spot where nothing grows or graveyard dirt.
  • 1 cup of water
  • Fresh Basil
  • 1 tbsp brown sugar
  • 1 tbsp cinnamon
  • Deities to call upon: Erzulie

How to Cast the Spell to Return a Lost Love

Start the ritual by lightning the Cinnamon incense. Tear the paper into 7 pieces and write your lost lover’s name on each of the pieces. Write your name on top of your lost lover’s name. Put the papers into the jar. Add your lost partner’s dirty left sock to the jar (or other personal item). Next, add the soil, followed by the coins, the basil, brown sugar and cinnamon. Last, add the water. Close the jar with the lid.

Shake the jar a couple of times and call upon Erzulie. Ask for all that you wish for. Be honest and forthright. Be clear and operate only in harmony with the universe. Speak to her out loud so that she can hear you. Take the first red candle, light it and use some of the wax to stick it on top of the lid. Let the candle burn out.

Repeat the last step on the next 5 days for a total of 6 days. After the sixth and final ritual take the jar and bury it in a sunny, fertile spot.

Be sure to thank both Divinity and Erzulie for your good fortune.


Gypsy Spell to Return or Bind Love to You

Falling in love is easy; it’s the staying in love that is hard. Maintaining a good relationship takes work. But certainly a little magic help could not hurt once in a while. You can use this Gypsy spell to strengthen a love relationship and bind your partner to you.  What’s even harder than to part ways and lose your love is the fact that you have to live with yourself everyday with a conscience nagging that you didn’t do anything to win him or her back.

Love spells to return a  lover may not be the only option but it is an option that you can count on. It may or may not work but just the thought that you did something about the situation is already a big enough reason on why you should hire a spell caster to cast a love spell to return your lover. It’s always better to be open with your options than have no option at all and be really sorry in the end.

Spell Ingredients

  • 1 apple with no spots or bruises
  • A pair of scissors
  • 1 piece of paper
  • A handful of toothpicks
  • Edible ink sugar

How to Cast the Spell to Return or Bind Love to You

Cleanse and prepare yourself, then create your sacred space. Cast your circle and call the quarters.

Concentrate on your relationship being stronger.

Cut the apple in half.

Write your name and the name of your partner on the paper with the edible ink.

Cut the paper so that it is the same size as the apple. Then place the paper between the apple halves.

Use the toothpicks to fasten the halves together while reciting the following:

Together we are bound

Me, in love with you,

You, in love with me.

May all our words and actions

Be a reflection of our love.

Blessed Be.

Sprinkle the apple with sugar. The Sugar represents the energy of love.

Close the circle and release the quarters.

Bake the apple at 350 degrees until both halves bake together.

While the apple is baking be sure to take the time to ground and center yourself.

Complete the spell by eating the apple.

Word of warning, a spell of this nature should not be used casually. Before performing this spell think long and hard if the partner you are with is truly the partner for you. If you should decide later that this is not your true love, you will have trouble shaking this person. Binding spells are not easy to break.


Wiccan Spell to Return a Lover

Parting ways is not often the answer for a relationship. It’s hard to part ways especially if there is still love between the two people who are in the relationship. Often times, it is inevitable, and we cannot help but part ways with the one that we love only to find out that we made a big mistake. Often the communication between the two is not the best and would therefore need the help of authentic spell casters to cast a love spell to reunite lovers.

Wiccan spells and rituals make use of herbs, candles, and crystals to channel the elemental powers and bring about a desired result.  Wicca also uses meditation and visualization to open minds and remove negativity.  Wiccans use magic as Christians use prayer, so spells and rituals are only a part of this peaceful religion and do not define it entirely.  Use this Wicca spell to remove any negativity or mental blocks that may be preventing a lover’s return.

Things You’ll need for the Spell

  • Red candle
  • 2 golden candles
  • 2 white candles
  • Vanilla Incense
  • Vanilla Oil
  • Ginger
  • Lodestone
  • Aventurine
  • Malachite
  • Small piece parchment paper
  • Pencil
  • Small nail or carving tool
  • Matches

How to Cast the Wiccan Spell to Return a Lover

Cast Your Circle!

With the carving tool or the nail carve your lover’s first name into the red candle, then anoint the candle with the Vanilla oil.  Put the candle in the center of your altar and light it. Write your name on the piece of paper. Next, anoint the other candles with the oil and also place them on your altar. Put the white candles on each side of the red candle, and the golden candles next to the white candles. Put the piece of paper with your name on it behind the red candle and put the lodestone on top of it. Place the aventurine between the white and the golden candle on the left, and the malachite between the white and the golden candle on the right.


Light all the candles, beginning with the red one. Take the red candle into your right hand and hold it up. Open your mind and spirit for the spell. While holding up the candle, close your eyes and communicate your wishes to the universe. Build up as much energy as possible. Focus on your wish for your lost lover to return and to bring back your ex. Try to build up as much energy as you can. This step is very important, do not rush this step and take your time.

Once you are done chant seven times:

So transfer my will, my spell has been heard, as I will, so mote it be.

Let the candles burn out completely.


The Importance of your Intention

Intention is a very important factor in the practice of magic and is strong enough to make a spell or ritual affect the positive or the negative.  There a many forms of magic and some have been distinguished as white magic or black magic.  White magic is seen to be magic that is used for the good while black magic pertains to magic that does harm to others.  On the contrary, magic, no matter what form it is, is neither good nor bad.  Only when used to the detriment of another individual does magic, black or white become bad.

If a practitioner or witch casts a spell, performs a ritual, utters an incantation with a bad intention, it is magic done with malice that makes it bad.  Spells can be cast for one’s safety, wellbeing, physical richness, and love.  Of all the magic spells, there is no spell that is more for good than love spells.

Free Will and Return Lost Lover Spells

There are many arguments and criticisms of spell casting itself that affect how people view return lost lover spells.  Fundamentally, it is said that when a spell is cast, the subject of the spell becomes deprived of their free will.  Magic works with the energies of everything in the world and it cannot produce something or make something happen if there is nothing that empowers or energizes it.  In the case of return lost lover spells, these rituals do not manipulate or control the subject’s mind.  Spells do not turn people into mindless drones doing the bidding of the practitioner or the spell seeker.

Spells to bring back an Ex work on feelings that are already there and for various reasons like the lack of confidence or fear; these feelings are buried within a person and not acknowledged.  It sets the right mood for the growth of love and intensity of attraction.  If there is no attraction in the first place, a love spell cannot conjure a loving relationship.  With a ritual seeking to bring out feelings of love and good will in a person; it already does something good firstly, for the spell seeker.  If the feeling of love is allowed to manifest itself and be shown, the person no longer suffers in silence.   After all, people have heavy hearts almost always because of love being unspoken.

The Happiness of Giving and Receiving Love

With so much love to give but it not being shared, a person can become burdened.  Love being shared as a cause of love spells is also beneficial for whom the love spell is cast.  Deep inside, they might be lonely and crying out for someone to love them.  Strengthened and empowered with a quality of self-assurance brought about by love spells, two people can find completeness and happiness in each other.

Personal gain is also a prevalent issue in the casting of love spells.  Upon careful analysis, wishing love that brings happiness and contentment in other people is probably the most noble of wishes one can have for another.  The wrong kind of love being drawn by the casting of a love spell is nonexistent.  Performed correctly and with the proper words, a love spell is very detailed and specific.  If what is desired was not meant to be or as previously stated, there is no energy that it can take its power from, it will just fail to work.

This makes seeking the aid of a professional magic practitioner important.  An individual can keep on casting love spells but if the time is not right, what is wished for is not meant to be, or the spell casting was not concentrated and pure, a spell will not have enough power to be fulfilled.

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