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Spell to Repair a Relationship

by Magic Love Spells
Spell to Repair a Relationship

Every relationship, no matter how close the understanding between partners, will experience problems at one point or another.  When your own relationship is going through rough waters, you can use this witchcraft spell to repair a relationship and remove any problems you and your partner may be experiencing.  You can also use this spell to help out a friend or a loved one who may be experiencing problems in his or her relationship.

All relationships, love, friends or family, are bound to encounter problems now and then. How you choose to handle these problems will determine whether or not your relationship will survive. If you are experiencing problems or quarrels with someone you care about you can use this spell to help resolve them.

Things You’ll need for the Spell to Repair a Relationship

  • Pink candles (one for each person involved)
  • Piece of paper
  • Pen
  • Picture of all of you during happier times
  • Best time: The best time to perform this spell is on a Sunday or Monday during the full or waxing moon.

How to Cast the Spell to Repair a Relationship

Cast your circle and call the quarters.

Arrange the candles on the altar along with the picture. Write the name or names of others involved on the piece of paper. Light the candles.

Visualize the people involved coming together and see everyone as being happy. Focus until everyone is surrounded by a peaceful blue light. 

Release any anger in your heart then repeat the incantation:

Now that the dust has settled

And the heat of the moment has passed

Help us to come together

To create a peace that will last

The time for fighting is over

We let the healing begin

Let all involved acknowledge

In fighting no one can win

Help us to put aside anger

Let pride no longer hold sway

Let us instead mend this quarrel

And let harmony rule the day.

Thank the quarters and close the circle. Allow the candles to burn out safely.

Take the first steps to mend the relationship this may mean apologizing or forgiving the other person. At any rate, if it is important that the other person makes the first step, then wait. It will happen!

How the Spell to Repair a Relationship works

As you work with this spell, remember that witchcraft does not attempt to create feelings or ideas that are not already present within a person’s mind.  If you fear that you may be somehow interfering with your partner’s will by using this spell to remove problems from your relationship, keep in mind that there is no way to manipulate or coerce another using witchcraft.  You are merely helping your partner to discover, or remember, things that they may have ignored, forgotten, or been unwilling to admit without the aid that witchcraft provides.

Witchcraft is born of and closely related to Wicca, which recognizes the worth and divinity in all things and people.  Therefore, witchcraft cannot be used to harm or manipulate others.  The way witchcraft works is by allowing the practitioner to tap into his or her higher self, and this is exactly what you will be doing as you use this spell.  With the powers of your own mind working in harmony with elemental, natural, and spiritual forces, you will be able to remove problems from your most important relationship.

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