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Spells to Make Someone Fall in Love with You

by Magic Love Spells
Make Someone Fall in Love Spell

Imagine sitting across the person who makes your heart flutter every time you see him or her, and see the love in that person’s eyes that you have always dreamt and yearned for. Or you might be deeply in love with a person and might wonder of he or she harbors similar feelings for you or not. Nothing can beat the happiness and joy you get when you know that the person whom you truly love loves you back. You can easily make this dream of yours into a reality by resorting to love spells to make someone fall in love with you.

How Spells to Make Someone Fall in Love Work

Love Spells to Make Someone Fall in Love are powerful and beautiful at the same time, after all they help to bring love and happiness into the lives of people. These powerful rituals work by enhancing the feelings of attraction and infatuation for the other person. Magic first ignites the lamp, the fire and the flame that sustains and burns is the love that flows between two people. Once the heart and soul of the target have been opened the spiritual energies will remove any and all blockages that prevent him or her from falling in love with you.

The spell will make you look and feel attractive in the eyes of the other person, if they haven’t noticed you yet, they sure will after the spiritual energies have been released into the universe. After that, the true love sustains and endures through time by itself. So, there is no question of what would happen to your love after the spell’s effects wear off. Magic spells to make someone fall in love with you aren’t simply about igniting mere physical attraction or short and superfluous romance. They do the work of invoking true love. Love ignited through magic is here to make for a completely fulfilling and a true relationship.

Do these Spells manipulate free will?

They have often been thought to work manipulatively by intervening into a person’s free will. People are believed to lose all control over their thoughts and emotions and become puppets at the hands of the spell caster. But, love spells don’t function that way, nor are they meant to cause any harm to any one in any way.

Love Spells work on the Law of Attraction

Love spells to Make Someone Fall in Love with You work by harnessing the energy of your thoughts and emotions and combining these energies with the power of the natural and spiritual forces. This combined and powerful resulting energy is what finally evolves as love. The energy that you exude as thoughts and emotions into the universe is reflected back to you in some form or the other. So, it is important that you resolve to think only positive thoughts and visualize all things positive. When you plan to resort to a love spell; you must have conviction about emotions that you feel and should put complete faith and belief into the spell. After all if your energy and vibrations are weak, that in turn weakens the whole magic.

A love spell, you can say, has a mind of its own. The right spell helps you get the person you desire only if he or she is right for you. Instead of bringing to you a specific person, a love spell of the right nature will bring the right person to you. Remember, the person that you think is right for you or the perfect one for you may not be so. The higher power within yourself and the nature and gauge this fact for you and help you with what is right.

There are love spells that work by bending people’s free will, but if you want to do that, then you don’t truly love that person in the first place.


Witchcraft Spell To Make Someone Love You

This spell will allow you to use witchcraft to make the object of your desire fall deeply in love with you. It will work by making the person that you desire aware of their true feelings for you.  It works best when the person already has a seed of love for you in their heart, but also works without the presence of love in their heart. Witchcraft spells are not manipulative or negative because they work with a person’s existing feelings and only create thoughts and feelings that will benefit the person by opening that person’s heart and mind for your love. The feelings they will feel are genuine and in no way artificial or forced. They feel love for you because they want to feel that love for you!

Witchcraft can lead a person to discover thoughts and feelings of which they were unaware, or that they had somehow repressed or ignored.  You can use this spell without worrying about whether feelings it evokes in your lover are genuine or not.  If the person you desire does not return your affection, then this spell will not work at all.  Witchcraft is born of Wicca, which recognizes the divinity in all things. Witchcraft can help you to access your higher self.  When you are in tune with your highest self, the possibilities are limitless.  When you use this witchcraft spell to make someone fall in love with you, you are tapping into your higher self to bring about the love that you desire.

Ingredients for the Witchcraft Spell to Make Someone Love You

  • 2 small pieces of parchment paper
  • 1 larger piece of parchment paper
  • a wooden pencil
  • 1 pink candle
  • Sandalwood oil
  • Rose Quartz
  • Jade
  • Emerald
  • Cinnamon Incense
  • Matches (made out of wood)
  • red ribbon

How to Cast the Witchcraft Spell To Make Someone Love You

Cast Your Circle! Begin the ritual by anointing the pink candle with the Sandalwood Oil. Light the candle and the incense.

Sit down and write your name on one small piece of paper and your loved one’s name on the second small piece of paper. Using the pencil draw a heart around each of the names. Next, take the candle into your right hand and drip wax onto the hearts. While doing so communicate your wishes into the universe, visualize your wishes and build up as much energy as possible. You will know when to stop.

Now write down your wishes onto the large piece of parchment paper. Take your time, whatever you write down needs to feel right. Once you are done put the two small pieces of paper and wrap them into the large piece of paper. Tie it close with the ribbon and make 3 knots. Put the Rose Quartz, the Jade and the Emerald on top of the package you have just created to charge it with the love attracting properties of the crystals. Let it sit on your altar until the candle burns out. Once the candle has burned out hide the package (without the crystals) somewhere in your bedroom where nobody can find it.


Wiccan Spell to Make Them Love You

The love that you and your partner will experience as a result of this spell will be genuine and will only grow over time.  There is nothing artificial or unnatural about the love that this spell will produce.  Indeed, your love will be imbued with the potent earth energies that Wicca has introduced into your life.     

In fairy tales, most leading ladies or princesses wait for their prince to find them and fall in love with them. Unfortunately life is not a fairy tale. There are some who are lucky to end up with love just by waiting on it to come their way. But if you are one of those who are tired of singing “someday my prince will come” with dreamy eyes, then you may need the help of the universe and its natural forces to make that special someone fall in love with you.

Most everyone wants to be loved by someone special. Sometimes we know who that someone special is but it seems they are not aware of it. This simple spell can be used to give them a little push in your direction. Caution, make sure this is really the person you want to be attached to as it is much more difficult to break a love spell than it is to cast one.

This spell takes seven days to complete and is best started on Friday during a waxing moon.

Ingredients needed for the Wiccan Spell to Make them Love You

  • White or gold candle for a man
  • Black or silver candle for a woman
  • Green candle for attraction
  • tool for carving candles
  • Piece of green cloth
  • Best day: Friday
  • Best moon phase: Waxing Moon

How to Cast the Wiccan Spell to Make them Love You

Cast your circle and call the quarters. Use your carving tool and mark the two candles representing you and the other person. Mark the green candle into seven equal parts. Place the male candle on the right side of your altar and the female on the left side, about twelve inches apart. Place the green candle in between the other two, slightly behind them.

Focus on the person you desire. Light the candle representing you first, then the other person and finally the green candle.
Now sit quietly and visualize yourself with the person you desire. Let the candles burn down to the first mark on the green candle. Snuff out the candles in the order that you lit them.

On day two, move the candle slightly closer together. Repeat the steps above, starting with focusing on the other person. Light the candles in the same order as before. Continue repeating the above steps. By day seven the candles should be touching. On day seven let the candles burn themselves out. Wrap the wax in the green cloth and keep in a safe place.


Black Magic Spell so Force Someone to Love You

Love can make us do irrational things at times, which is why you need to gather your thoughts and objectives before you delve in the world of magic. Infatuation or obsession isn’t the reason to cast love spells. You need to be serious about finding true love, which is the only way you can make someone fall in love with you through black magic love spells. Do not let sexual emotions interfere with the spell either. If need be, there are different types of spells to deal with your sex life.

Black Magic Love spells are powerful when done with the right motives, so you need to execute them sparingly. Often, all it takes is the use of simple ingredients like candles and incense to invoke the forces of nature and release positive energy to the universe. What you also need to develop is the power of meditation and concentration. Believe in your inherent powers and the success of your love spell. This will make it potent enough to work and break through any obstacles you may be currently facing in your love life.

Things You’ll need for the Black Magic Spell

  • 3 Black Candles
  • Cypress Oil
  • Chicken wing with bones and skin
  • Red pepper flakes
  • 1 sterile needle
  • Your blood
  • Black Yarn or Thread
  • Pen with red ink
  • Pen with black ink
  • Matches (made out of wood)
  • 1 large sheet of parchment paper

How to Cast the Black Magic Spell to Force Someone to Love You

Anoint the black candles with the cypress oil and arrange them in a triangle fashion on your altar. Light them with one single match.

Use the red pen and write your loved one’s name onto the parchment paper 13 times. Then use the black pen and write your name on top of your loved one’s name.

Drip some wax from all 3 candles onto the names. While doing so focus on your wish for your lover to fall deeply in love with you. Build up as much energy as you can.  Next, put the chicken wing on top of the names and add the hot pepper flakes. The hot pepper is for attraction, add the amount that suits your wishes. Now prick your left index finger with the needle and drip 3 drops of your blood onto it. Make sure to still focus on your wishes. Don’t let your thoughts wander. Add some more wax from the 3 candles.

Wrap the parchment paper around the contents and tie them up with the yarn. Make at least 13 knots. Let the package sit in front of the candles for another hour, then blow the candles off and say:

Gekali Bekuta Bestima Sto Sto Beg

After the sun has set and it is dark outside take the package and bury it next to a tree.


Spell-Casting Advice and Tips

If you really believe in the effect of these spells to make someone fall in love with you (really very important for the spells to be effective), then it would be wise to tread righteously. First jot down your desire, who exactly are you loving and why do you want him or her so badly. This may seem quite simple at a glance – but it actually initiates self-exploration and self-reflection to jot down a thoughtful answer. With these spells you only need to identify the “what” or the “need” and leave the “how” to the divine power. It also a good idea to meditate before casting a spell to make someone fall in love with you. This will help you focus, be calm and comfortable in your space.

How fast do Fall in Love Spells work?

Different spells work in different ways – some may show results within almost seconds and work even in crowded places while some may need at least a month to bear effect and to chant these you may need tranquility – both within and out. But if you have learned the spell and are tempted to use it the next time you see a handsome hunk or a sexy figure, resist the temptation. Remember if you try to control with just the effect of a spell and no real and true feelings, you will suffer many times over. Also don’t force things to happen; at times letting go will be much better for your own good.

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